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  • Full Tilt Poker and the FTOPS Back in December

    Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 by Ryan

If you were ever a player at Full Tilt Poker when they were up and running, then there were probably quite a few things that you remember about the site. It could be the interesting avatars, the high stakes cash games, the massive guarantees that came along with the poker tournaments, or seeing some of the biggest names in all of poker playing on the site. One thing that the bulk of people probably remember as well though was the FTOPS tournaments that were ran through the site at different times throughout the year. Full Tilt Poker is ready to roll once again, and many online poker players out there are curious to see what the site will be like and how it is going to be compared to the old Full Tilt Poker.

As you know by now, the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker is set to happen once again in less than a month from now. The owners of the massive online poker site are actually the biggest rivals of the site, PokerStars, and they are doing everything possible to hype up the site through different marketing ideas, promotions, bonuses, and quite a few other things as well. The whole idea behind it is to simply get the fans of online poker hyped up about the relaunch of the poker site, and to get the traffic numbers back up at Full Tilt Poker as well.

In the most recent news that came out of Full Tilt Poker, the company had signed one of the bigger names in poker as their first Ambassador. This is none other than an ex-Full Tilt Poker player Gus Hansen. While this news had to make the poker world happy because it makes the launch of the site even closer and probably eases the mind of a few poker players as well. Full Tilt Poker/PokerStars also made another big announcement in the fact that they are going to be returning with their most popular poker tournament series, and probably one of the most popular poker tournament series in the entire online poker world, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS).

This tournament series through Full Tilt was ran bi-annually or quarterly through the site, and whenever the tournament series came around there was quite a bit of talk flying around about it. There were some of the biggest names in poker included in these tournaments, and they also had some massive guarantees as well attached to the different tournaments. The FTOPS XXI is going to be taking place in December of this year, so just a few months from now, and the information was provided by the head of current public relations department, Shyam Markus on the 2+2 poker forum.

The information about the tournament series that was awarded wasn’t too in-depth, but they did say that it was going to run from the 2nd of December through the 16th. This means that not only will the tournaments be running daily through the early part of December, but that when the relaunch of the site happens that players can still take part in different satellites to get into the multiple events as well.

We hate to talk about the situation with the United States Department of Justice and the hold on the US players’ money, but the last winner of the FTOPS Main Event was actually from the US. It was Blair Hinkle who took down a score of over $1 million, but has yet to be paid from this big hit. Interestingly, the FTOPS Main Event in December will probably end up paying out the winner before Hinkle gets his money unfortunately.

There are a few countries who are still up in the air about whether or not they will be cleared with the licenses to play at Full Tilt Poker before the FTOPS is up and running. A few countries still attempting to earn the licenses back include France and Italy, as well as Belgium, Spain, and Estonia also. We aren’t sure exactly what types of numbers to expect in the FTOPS just yet, especially because this will be the first FTOPS that will not feature United States players. The event series is also happening just after the site gets up and running again, so we’ll have to wait and see what the guarantees attached with the tournaments will be as well. Currently, the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker is set for November 6th, so we’ll keep you updated on any additional news that comes out about it.




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