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  • Full Tilt Poker Announces Multiple Promotions

    Friday, October 26th, 2012 by Ryan

If you are an online poker player, it’s safe to say that you are probably more than excited about the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Poker was one of the largest and most popular online poker sites in the game when they were up and running. Things hit a bad downswing after Black Friday when Full Tilt came out with a whole lot of things being hidden, and the site was shut down. No one was exactly sure what was going to happen with Full Tilt Poker, or if things with them and the United States Department of Justice would ever end up being worked out. After many potential deals for Full Tilt being bought were thrown around, it ended up being Full Tilt’s ex-competitor in PokerStars who ended up creating the buy-out.

With the new Full Tilt Poker being relaunched there have been some talks about different promotions on the site, and also talk about what the site is going to be like exactly. Today we are going to look at a few of the different promotions that Full Tilt is going to be running, as they have announced some of their different promos this past week, and with the relaunch date getting closer and closer for players, the excitement is growing as well. The relaunch date for the new Full Tilt Poker is going to be November 6th, 2012, so we are just a few weeks away. The press release that came out on Tuesday gave us a good amount of information about the relaunch, and let’s break down the different bonuses, happy hours, freerolls, and much more.

You’ll find that a good number of the different promotions are hopefully going to keep players from withdrawing all of their money off of the relaunched Full Tilt Poker, and hopefully keep players playing and to keep the total number of players on the site growing also. The promotions are called the “deal me in” promo’s, and they are going to offer them to both new and old players at the site also.

$250k Freerolls at Full Tilt Poker

This promotion is going to be featured over just a few days from the relaunch of the site on the 6th to the 11th of November. In this, players are going to be able to take part in different freerolls that will run each day of the week, and there is going to be $250k in total given away. The schedule for the freerolls are going to end up on the 11th with 10 freerolls, and each of them will feature a $10,000 prize pool that is going to be up for grabs.

Cash Bonus

The cash bonus that is going to be awarded to all players who play real money poker at Full Tilt are going to receive a bonus that is worth at least $200. The players are also going to get a Rush Poker ticket along with this bonus, and the players who are new to the site are also going to be able to take advantage of the first-time depositor bonust hat is awarded. This is all the different bonuses that are offered through the Deal Me In promo at Full Tilt.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is going to run from November 6th to November 11th, and during this time frame players are going to be able to earn double the Full Tilt Poker Points (FTP’s) and this is going to run throughout the week. Any player who plays in a cash game or tournament will be able to take advantage of the around the clock Happy Hours.

Full Tilt Poker Store Sale

While players are going to be earning double the Full Tilt Points as previously mentioned, there’s another major perk in the fact that the Full Tilt Poker Store is going to have some major discounts going on also. The discounts are going to include multiple things, but will also give players the chance to be able to to purchase ring game and tournament tickets at a lower price than normal also.

FTOPS XXI Satellites With Added Prize Packages

The FTOPS XXI is going to be starting soon after the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker, and they have announced a promo called the Satellite Frenzy. This new Satellite Frenzy is going to add around $300k in entries into the tournament series. The FTOPS has always been one of the best online poker tournament series in the world, and it is going to get back underway in December.




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