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  • Full Tilt Poker Remission Emails Have Been Sent

    Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 by Ryan

It seems that things with Full Tilt Poker and their paying back of United States based poker players is moving along at a fairly rapid rate. I was waiting to see exactly how long this would all take, and whether or not it would be something that would be pushed to get done quickly, or if it would end up being a “drag it out” affair. Fortunately for the players though, it looks like it could be a good thing, and they may have their money sooner than later. The news came out recently that the email notifications that were going out about the money to the eligible players have all been sent out. So if you haven’t received an email at this point, but were looking to get some money back, you may need to contact them.

The Garden City Group (GCG) is the group that the United States Department of Justice appointed to handle the claims administration for the whole deal. They are going to be the ones who make sure that the Full Tilt Poker money gets back in the right hands to the United States players. The emails that were sent out were being anticipated by the players, and when you got the email you’d see that there were two different things in them. The first was a Petition Number, and the second was a Control Number. Both of these two numbers were required to file a claim for a player to get their frozen funds back. There was also some basic information about the claims process and the information about who was NOT eligible to be reimbursed for their money.

The emails were likely sent on either Monday, September 16th or Tuesday, September 17th, and players were able to file claims on the 18th of September. I’m willing to bet that with how long the players have been waiting to get more information and get the situation handled as far as the payout goes, that anyone who received their emails were making moves to get the claims process going early on in the day.

The emails that were sent were based on people who had a FUll Tilt account record, and the records themselves were sent from Full Tilt Poker to GCG themselves. GCG did make a note on the claims website, which is FullTiltPokerClaims.com, that if you did not receive an email and think that you should have, then you need to contact them with an updated email address to get the information sent to. If there was no Petition Number and Control Number assigned, then they are going to be given. If you had an email that was bounced back already though, then GCG has gone ahead and sent you an actual postcard in the mail, as long as they had an address to send it to.

You can contact GCG in two different ways if you’d like to, with the first being by phone at 866-250-2640, or emailing them at Info@FullTiltPokerClaims.com. Even if you do not have a Petition or Control Number from GCG, then you can still potentially get a reimbursement of Full Tilt Poker funds. Customers can go to the site and simply click on “File a Petition for Remission”, which is a link on the left side of the page. On the next page, you’ll see something that says “Create a New Petition”, and the process is similar to the one for players who already received a Petition and Control Number. The only difference is that if you go this route then you are going to need to submit the documentation that is needed to prove that you are eligible for the reimbursement. You also are going to need to let them know what the amount of money in question is.

Apparently there have already been over 23,500 petitions put out, and the deadline for a player to file a claim to the company is November 16th. After that date players are going to receive the money by a transfer that will go directly into their bank accounts, so keep an eye out for it sometime after that point!




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