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  • Full Tilt Poker Sunday November 14th Tournament Report

    Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 by t2admin

With the Full Tilt Online Poker Series running this weekend many of the major tournaments were canceled since there wouldn’t be enough players to participate in all of the events. There were still a couple tournaments held including the $200K Guarantee with Rebuy and the Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan. Rather then talk about those two tournaments this week, we’re going to take a look at a few of the FTOPS XVIII events instead, as this is where most of the action was this weekend.


• Entrants – 9718 / Prize Pool – $971,800

Event #11 in the FTOPS was a Holdem Knockout tournament with a $120+$9 buy-in. This is one of the smaller buy-ins available in this series, so there was a massive turnout. The prize pool almost exceeded $1M in this event, but it feel just short. Kory Kilpatrick won 1st place for $155K, but he definitely would’ve won quite a bit more thanks to the knockout format. NonSpeculation won $106K for finishing in second place in event #11 and Steve Wan won $75K for his third place finish. This was by far one of the most exciting events of the weekend in any online poker room.


• Entrants – 1024 / Prize Pool – $512,000

FTOPS event #12 had a lot less players then #11, but the buy-in was a lot bigger, so the prize pool wasn’t too much smaller. The winner of the event was Kopek3 who ended up winning $89K. Grazza No1 won 2nd place for $53K and Ronald Lee ended up winning 3rd place for just over $27K. This was a great event to play in this weekend because of the huge prize pool and limited number of players in the event. It didn’t take that long to play and the prizes offered a great ROI.


• Entrants – 4715 / Prize Pool – $1,414,500

There were just about 5000 players in the 13th event at the FTOPS this weekend and the prize pool was massive. The top two players ended up making a deal with each other and I don’t blame them, especially considering how much money was on the line. Not_Ya_Friend ended up winning 1st place after the deal was finalized and won $227.5K while CardKing303 ended up winning $201K for finishing the event in 2nd place. With both players earning over $200K this was by far the best event of the weekend and even better then the PokerStars Sunday Million.




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