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  • Full Tilt Poker Sunday Tournament Results

    Monday, September 7th, 2009 by t2admin

This past Sunday Full Tilt Poker saw good turnouts to their guaranteed tournaments; some were so good that the guarantee was increased. This is always good when you finish in the money. Below are the results of the Sunday Brawl and the $750K guaranteed tournaments at Full Tilt Poker.

The Sunday Brawl is one of the earlier tournaments on Sundays and it has a buy-in of $240 plus 16. This event is a no limit hold’em knock out tournament and 2,532 players logged on to compete. With everyone posting the buy-in the prize pool was a massive $506,400 which was paid out to 279 spots.

The first place finisher was set to earn just over $102,000 so everyone was shooting to make heads up play. the prizes awarded to the final table players were massive with each player earning at least four figures and most earning five. The difference between second place and first was over $36,000 so everyone wanted to finish on top.

When heads up play began it was between online player’s jordankickz and Van Wild3r. both had played well in the competition and did not want to earn the second place prize. Van Wild3r finally earned the chip lead and had the cards to make a move so it was on. Both players were all in and jordankickz did not have the cards to take the win and was knocked out in second place leaving Van Wild3r to enjoy the first place win.

Final Results:
Van Wild3r – $102,799
jordankickz – $66,338
TheBrain – $49,121
IPPharm – $36,967
jbenya – $25,826
Renanr0x – $17,218
JaDuHorde – $11,647
dapalma150 – $8,102
SlimsChicken – $6,077

The $750k guaranteed tournament has a $200 plus 16 buy-in and it is a No Limit hold’em tournament as well but with no knock outs. This time around the tournament saw 3,958 players competing which created an increase in the prize pool. A total of $791,600 was available in the prize pool and 522 spots were paid.

Making it to heads up play was online players CThib and hAAydon. The difference in first and second this time was over $55,000, a big difference from the Sunday Brawl tournament. play would be tight but hAAydon would make the right move and it would earn him the top payday, once he knocked out CThib on the final hand.

Final Results:
hAAydon – $140,153
CThib – $84,701
littlebugga – $55,412
FarSeerCantDie – $43,696
Pececillo – $32,772
Chances Cards – $24,302
jason jiang – $18,207
juanmoretime – $10,607




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