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  • Full Tilt Poker Weekend Tournament Results

    Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 by t2admin

This past weekend was a moderate success for Full Tilt Poker in the guaranteed tournament department. Over the past few weeks, the online poker room has been seeing very large increases in their prize pools for their guaranteed tournaments. This past weekend the $1.5 million guarantee and the Sunday Brawl both saw very small increases in their prize pools.

In The Sunday Brawl, the tournament had 4,088 players competing and with a $240 plus 16 buy-in the Knockout tournament saw just a $17,600 increase in prize money. The tournament had a prize pool of $817,600 and paid out to 450 spots. When heads up play began it would be between swingindoubleds and ozram. Both players wanted the six figure pay day that came with first place but of course there could only be one winner. In the end it would be ozram who gained the chip lead and made all the right moves to claim the first place win.

Final Results:
ozram – $161,885
swingindoubleds – $99,747
HustleHyene – $71,949
mcpickl – $50,691
mrvogt – $36,792
SoooSick – $24,528
Dahladino – $16,352
COCHOTE – $11,446
MRIBAS – $8,176

the $1.5 million guaranteed tournament has a buy-in of $200 plus 16 and with 7,578 players competing, the tournament would see an increase of only $15,600 in prize money. The tournament would pay out to 900 spots and with the top three finishers earning six figure paydays.

During this tournament the heads up players would decide to cut a deal. The two players would come to an agreement and in the end both would win good size prizes. Extassyman would finish in second place earning a $210,050 pay day while BankOfSweden earned a first place in of $212,045.

Final results:
BankOfSweden – $212,045
extassyman – $210,050 *2-way deal
zhuoyu19791979 – $125,795
xTrumptightx – $93,967
SIGGYFREUD – $68,202
NLife – $48,499
nowa1 – $32,282
kmillionaire83 – $22,431
guillet76 – $15,762




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