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  • Full Tilt Poker Weekend Tournament Results

    Monday, January 25th, 2010 by t2admin

Full Tilt Poker held their regular weekend tournaments this past weekend with little fanfare though one tournament did see a deal made between players. The tournaments had a good size group of players competing in their events which led to increases in prize pool for both the $750,000 guaranteed tournament as well as The Sunday Brawl.

The Sunday Brawl is a knockout tournament which has a buy-in of $240 plus 16, though players can win their way into the tournament via a qualifier. The guaranteed prize pool for this event is $400,000 so it was increased to $573,000 with 2,865 players competing.

279 spots would be paid and during this tournament a three way deal would be cut. When it got to three way play the last players standing were Wu_Wizard, bigslick166 and MarkFSU1. The players decided to cut a deal which a saw each of them earning a $80,000 pay day. This left just over $6,000 for the first place winner. In the end Wu_Wizard would earn the first place win and the extra cash to go along with the title.

Final Results:
Wu_Wizard – $86,963
bigslick166 – $80,000
MarkFSU1 – $80,000 *3-way deal
MrTimCaum – $41,829
603Lucifer – $29,223
SteveDunkSr – $19,482
bonafidedonkey – $13,179
cityboy8 – $9,168
Black Pete 30 – $6,876

The $750,000 guaranteed tournament had a good turnout as well but did not see the increase in prize pool as The Sunday Brawl did. The tournament had 3,911 players competing which made the prize pool $782,200 and paid out to 522 spots.

This tournament did not see a deal made so play went on as normal. In the end it was The Great Pike and vennerux who made it to heads up play. Both would play their best but it would be The Great Pike who would earn the $138,489 pay day for first place.

Final Results:
The Great Pike – $138,489
vennerux – $83,695
paulhan85 – $54,754
201241643 – $43,177
Shawguysies – $32,383
Scarer – $24,014
fiepigen – $17,991
MS_JUICE26 – $14,080
DeMaci – $10,481




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