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  • Full Tilt Poker Weekend Tournaments See Massive Turnout

    Monday, November 23rd, 2009 by t2admin

Full Tilt Poker was extremely busy this past weekend as players turned out to compete in the $750,000 guaranteed and The Sunday Brawl tournaments. Both tournaments had a large number of players competing that the total amount of prize pool increase for both tournaments was over $230,000.

The Sunday Brawl is a knockout tournament that offers a guarantee of $400,000 but this past weekend with 2,678 players competing, the prize pool was increased by $135,000. Players had to post the $240 plus 16 buy-in or earn their way into the competition via qualifier. The total prize pool up for grabs ended up at $535,600.

The difference between first and second place was just over $30,000 so both pytcheye1111 and lllShipitlll would fight hard to be the last player standing when heads up play began. In the end pytcheye1111 would make all the right moves and go all in at just the right time. The cards would hold up and lllShipitlll did not get the cards needed to win the tournament. Pytcheye1111 would earn the first place win of $108,727.

Final Results:
pytcheye1111 – $108,727
lllShipitlll – $70,164
oleg12345 – $51,9953
All4non – $39,099
Shrubbery – $27,316
Ahvall – $18,210
JR RICHARDS – $12,319
CooLJohN22222 – $8,570
jdpc27 – $6,427

the $750,000 guaranteed tournament was a similar story as it had a large turnout as well. The tournament had 4,440 players competing and with a buy-in of $200 plus 16 the tournament would see a prize pool increase of $888,000. 585 spots would be paid and the top player would take home just over $114,000.
During this tournament a three way deal would be made between the final three players. N8SK8S, zavor4ik and roddiass would all make it to three way play and decide to cut a deal. Each would earn a nice five figure pay day with third taking home just over $90,000 while the final two would earn just over $100,000.

Final Results:
roddiass – $114,743
zavor4ik – $107,758
N8SK8S – $91,398 *3-way deal
sistabossen – $48,840
ba77yz – $36,674
guillet76 – $27,173
Ship_the_dollar – $20,424
piggee – $15,984
grotifanto – $11,899




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