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  • Full Tilt Poker’s Relaunch is a Strong One

    Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 by Ryan

With Full Tilt finally back and in full up and running mode, many people were curious about what the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker would be like, and also what type of traffic that it would bring in. Well, all of that was answered this past week, and it seems that the responses that have come from players about the relaunch of one of the most talked about and most followed online poker sites in the world of online poker were very strong. It was slightly expected that the response from players would be fairly positive, mainly because of the fact that the software and gameplay in general is going to be almost exactly what it was in the past (why fix what isn’t broken?). There have been a few rumblings about the loyalty program that is now running at Full Tilt, and also about the customer service, which can be expected with a hectic relaunch I’d think. Right off the bat though, Full Tilt Poker is already ranked second in terms of online poker traffic.

The total draw in terms of traffic was definitely solid, as the rankings that came in showed that Full Tilt brought in a seven day average in terms of cash game players that ended up being 6,700, and it peaked at 11,202 cash game players. This leaves the site behind PokerStars still (which is now under the same ownership as I’m sure you know), who is bringing in 22,000 cash game players over a seven day average. This leaves things in almost the same situation that they were in before Black Friday hit, with Full Tilt coming in second place behind PokerStars, but comfortably ahead of the iPoker Network and PartyPoker.

The number of cash game players was much higher on the official relaunch date though, as it drew in 8,900 on average during the first relaunch day. The number dropped from there, but right around the 6,000 spot is about where it seems things are going to stay. After a relaunch like this though, it seems that we may need to wait another week or two before getting the realistic actual numbers that the site should consistently draw in. I’d say that around 6,000 seems what will be expected when all is said and done though. Other networks definitely took a hit with the relaunch of Full Tilt, as PokerStars saw traffic drop 2 percent, PartyPoker dropped 6 percent, and iPoker dropped 7 percent.

It seems that not all of the traffic to Full Tilt came from other sites either, as it’s been said that many people feel that the boost in traffic also could have come from online poker players who simply decided to jump back in to the online poker world at Full Tilt. Part of this could have to do with the fact that they were finally able to get back into their account and get their money off of Full Tilt Poker. This is just another reason why no one is sure exactly what to expect from the numbers at Full Tilt and whether they will continue to grow, stay steady around that number above, or even drop off a bit. Full Tilt still gets a ton of love from the online poker world, and while their new ownership is under PokerStars, it’s safe to say that they will have just as much hype now as they did before.

PokerStars knows how to make the online poker world go round’, and that includes cash games, tournaments, promotions, and many other things as well. There is a reason why PokerStars has been at the top of the rankings for so long, and it’s because they cater to their players and offer exactly what they all need. We’ll definitely keep you updated on the numbers and news out of Full Tilt Poker, and one thing that should definitely keep our eyes locked on their traffic is the upcoming FTOPS events that will be running through December. This tournament series always draws in a ton of traffic and features a ton of tournament players participating in the different types of tournaments with all different levels of buy-in’s as well. Regardless of whether you play there or not though, it’s safe to say that Full Tilt coming back to the online poker world has been a welcome sight.




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