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  • Full Tilt Rolls Out Adrenaline Rush Poker Promotion

    Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 by Ryan

If you haven’t heard, things are still continuing to grow and change that new-Full Tilt Poker. Back when Full Tilt Poker was an absolute juggernaut in the online poker world, they would seem to be rolling out something new almost week in and week out. They are once again up there as a juggernaut in the online poker world, in large part thanks to the part that they are now owned by the owners of PokerStars, who was once their biggest competition. Full Tilt is now at it again, as they have decided to release another new promotion that relates to one of their newest styles of play at the poker site.

The newest style that has come out is what’s called Adrenaline Rush Poker, and it’s only been live and rolling for two weeks now, but it’s been a pretty big hit for the site. Things are going well, and they’ve decided to go ahead and roll out a new special promotion around the fast-play poker game. The promotion is going to be called the Adrenaline Rush Knockout, and the idea is that it will run over a two week span, and is a contest to see which players can take out the most opponents. It’s an intriguing idea, and one that many of the players on the site are likely to jump into and take a shot at.

If you haven’t heard much about Adrenaline Rush Poker yet, it’s similar to to the incredibly popular Rush Poker, which is the fast-fold version of poker. If you weren’t getting enough action from the Rush Poker style of play, then you can go ahead and jump on the incredibly fast Adrenaline Rush Poker. There aren’t many huge differences, but there is one or two that are pretty big. The first o fthe differences is that there are only four players at each table at a time. This means that you get hit with blinds more often. Your two choices in Adrenaline Rush Poker? Well, you can either raise or fold, there is no option to simply call the action.

All of the action is going to happen before the flop, which makes this a pretty crazy and fun game to watch. You can see everyone folding pre-flop, so the raiser or big blind gets the hand, but in the other situation two or more players are going to raise back and forth until they get their chips into the middle. There will be nothing for you to decide after the flop comes down though, so you just have to sit back and see how the hand unfolds. Basically, if you like to have a lot of action, with a whole lot of chips in the middle of the table, then this is the perfect game for you.

This sets up very nicely for a competition, and the idea for the Knockout competition that they are running should be fun. The contest is incredibly straight forward, and a player is going to earn one point each time that he or she knocks out another opponent. This means that you have to take all of the chips that the opponent has at the table, which is just like a tournament, except you are playing with real cash throughout the entire thing.

The prizes and leaderboards are broken down into three. There will be a low stakes leaderboard, a medium stakes leaderboard, and a high stakes leaderboard. The points that players get are going to be added to the totals based on which levels and which tables that they are playing at. The contest is broken into two one-week periods, and the first one ends on Sunday of this week, so the action is already underway. The top 100 players on each of the leaderboards are going to get awarded with prizes.

The low stakes leaderboard gives away $5,000 in total prizes with $600 going to first place. Medium level stakes are going to see a total of $10,000 spread across the leaderboard with $1,100 going to first place, and the high stakes leaderboard will give $15,000 across the board with $1,600 going to the winner of it all.

As you can imagine, since this is a cash game players who bust out after losing their chips can simply re-load and get back into the action. You can actually knockout the same player multiple times as well. The most interesting part is that it’s not a ton of strategy, unless you’ve played against certain players before, as it’s really all about getting the chips into the middle and playing with a good bit of luck on your side.




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