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    Monday, October 5th, 2009 by t2admin

Full Tilt Poker was very busy this past Sunday as thousands of players registered to compete in the $750,000 guaranteed tournament and the Sunday Brawl. Both tournaments had such good turnouts that the prize pools were greatly increased offering the players larger prizes.

The $750,000 guaranteed tournament has a buy-in of $200 plus 16 and with 4,013 players competing, this tournament saw an increase of $50,2600 in prize money. This means a total of $802,600 was up for grabs.

First place would earn just over $141,000 while second would be taking home a much lower prize of just over $85,000. So when heads up play began, both online players would be fighting tooth and nail to stay in the competition to earn the first place prize.

It was online players WhiteRice1 and mookymcmookstr who would meet in heads up play and the competition would be tough. But it would not be long before WhiteRice1 would gain the chip lead and eliminate mookymcmookstr in second place.

Final Results:
1. WhiteRice1 – $141,731.13
2. mookymcmookstr – $85,797.94
3. H2Olga – $56,182
4. georche – $44,143
5. freedomtc – $33,147.38
6. Ph1LLeD1NGUE – $24,559.56
7. Oz Doc – $18,459.80
8. stroker11 – $14,446.80
9. LangnerBR – $10,754.84

The Sunday Brawl has a little bit larger buy-in at $240 plus 16 and with 2,312 players competing the prize pool would be increased by over $100,000. The prize pool for the Sunday Brawl is a guaranteed $350,000 and this past Sunday’s tournament offered $462,400, which is an increase of 112,400 in prize money.
The top prize almost got into the six figure mark, at just over $94,000. Heads up play would begin between online players Gastone K and Ahh Deezee after tahlberg was eliminated in third place. it would not be long before Ahh Deeze would make a move and both players would be all in on the final hand. Ahh Deezee’s cards would hold up better than Gastone K’s cards and the tournament would be all over.

Final Results:
1. Ahh Deezee – $94,306.48
2. Gastone K – $61,036.80
3. tahlberg – $45,315.20
4. Tom “werpennstate23” Cummings – $34,217.60
5. SkinnyRick – $24,044.80
6. acap11 – $15,721.60
7. sintik222 – $10,635.20
8. THEPUSHER1186 – $7,398.40
9. Dan “shadyJ10” McGregor – $5,548.80




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