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  • Guillaume Humbert Takes Down WSOPE Event #1

    Monday, October 10th, 2011 by Ryan

The 2011 World Series of Poker Europe is underway, and almost had one of the biggest names in all of poker take down Event #1. Phil Hellmuth had most of the attention on him when the final twelve players came together to see who would take down the grand prize. In the end, it was Guillaume Humbert who outlasted the entire field and took home the first place prize of €215,999. What’s amazing about the run of this Swiss player, is the fact that this bracelet that he won actually came in his first ever live poker tournament of his career.

Humbert is actually a part time online poker pro, and entered the event with some of his overall online earnings. He was matched up against more than just Phil Hellmuth though, and had some of the toughest competition in poker today. A few of the bigger names who entered the event with Hellmuth are Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, and Vanessa Selbst as well. As you could imagine, beating out this field of 360 players was one task that was much tougher than any online poker tournament that Humbert has played in his career.

Of course from the word go, all eyes on were on Hellmuth who was looking to take down another gold bracelet. Unfortunately for Hellmuth, his run stopped in seventh place in this No Limit Hold’em Six-Max event. He played an excellent tournament, but hit a bad streak when play was down to twelve players; and he was never able to rebound from a few coin flips that he lost.

When heads up play kicked off, it was Humbert against Azusa Maeda from Japan, and Humbert was actually behind Maeda by about 600k in chips. Heads up play went on for over an hour before a hand finally went to showdown, and the most impressive thing was the fact that Humbert was actually able to take the chip lead with his aggressive play over the hour, and was never at risk. Maeda tried to become more aggressive, but Humbert just continued to three and four bet, and show that his online aggressive style was a force to be reckoned with in this event.

Play finally came to an end, as Maeda decided to shove his final 600k in chips with a 4 and a 3 of diamonds, on a 9c 6d 7c flop, giving him a straight draw. Unfortunately for Maeda, he was completely dominated as Humbert turned over the 5c and 8h for a flopped straight, leaving Maeda very few outs. The turn actually came with runner-runner four’s, giving Maeda a set; but still left him behind, and he finished in second place with a prize of €133,471 for his efforts.

The final twelve players ended up looking like this:

1st- Guillaume Humbert (Switzerland)- €215,999 2nd- Azusa Maeda (Japan)- €133,471 3rd- Roy Finlay (United Kingdom)- €92,629 4th- Matan Krakow (Israel)- €65,068 5th- Adrien Allain (France)- €46,250 6th- Martin Czuczor (Hungary)- €33,255 7th- Phil Hellmuth (USA)- €24,183 8th- Alexander Salabaschew (France)- €24,183 9th- Casey Kastle (Slovenia)- €17,790 10th- Bruno Benveniste (France)- €17,790 11th- Anton Wigg (Sweden)- €13,228 12th- David Benyamine (USA)- €13,228




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