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  • Heinz Emerges the Winner at WSOP 2011

    Saturday, November 12th, 2011 by Nadia

Poker fans the world over, have waited for months to find out who the new WSOP 2011 Main Event Champion will be. Pius Heinz, a poker pro from Germany who recently joined Team PokerStars, won the title.

The finalists who made up the famous November Nine reconvened for the first time since July and after a vigorous day of play, only three remained in the tournament – Ben Lamb, Martin Staszko and Pius Heinz. The players had a single day break before making their way back to the tables to play one of the most important poker games in the world. The WSOP Main Event finals were held at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino.

The First Hand of Play

To everyone’s surprise, the first hand was an intense one. Heinz chose to fold the button and Lamb raised his stakes to 3 million from the small blind amount. Staszko took the option in the big blind and made a three-bet, raising the stakes to 7.5 million. After this, Lamb went all in and Staszko called, making the stakes 85.6 million in chips.

The Showdown: At this point, Lamb had Kh-Jd and Staszko had 7s-7c. The two were neck-to-neck until the board gave out 9s-3h-2d-3s-10Cc. Staszko had a pocket pair which doubled his chip count and Lamb’s chips were down to only 12.7 million.

A New Leader in the Chips

The second hand was just as intense as the first with Staszko taking the chip lead. He raised the stakes to 3 million from small blind. Heinz put in a call from the big blind. At the flop, which came out 9h-Ac-6s, Staszko wagered 3 million. Heinz called and the turn card was 9d. After both players checked, Staszko wagered 4.5 million. He eventually took the lead with 106.2 million in chips.

Amid cheers from the crowd and his large fan following, Ben Lamb (WSOP Player of the Year 2011) was eliminated on the river. Lamb finished his run at WSOP 2011 in third place with a cash prize of $4,021,138.

Heinz Takes the Lead

The blinds were at 1.2 million and 2.4 million and the ante was at 300,000. After Staszko limped on the button, Heinz raised the stakes to 7.9 million from the big blind amount. Staszko called and then Heinz upped the stakes to 8.2 million on the flop. Martin raised to 17.5 million, after which Heinz went all-in for 72.95 million. Staszko called this move.

The Showdown: At this point, Heinz held Ah-Qh and Staszko had Qc-9c. Staszko’s big draw gave him a 46% shot at winning the title. However, the 3h turn was kinder to Heinz and the next card, a 6h propelled his stack to 162.3 million and Staszko was left with 43.6 million.

Heinz Wins the Championship

Once a few hands had been played, Staszko open-shipped the stakes to 39.6 million. Heinz made a snap call and the two players entered into a showdown.

The Showdown: Heinz had grabbed the chip lead and was out in front. Staszko was floundering and needed help. The flop drew 5c-Sd-9s which did not lead to anything exciting. The turn card of Jh gave Staszko four extra outs to form a straight. When the river card was dealt, it was the 4d which gave Heinz his big win.




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