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    Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 by Ryan

Since Black Friday put it’s hit on the United States, we saw quite a few online poker sites take a massive downfall, and eventually end up closing up shop. While the situation with the massive online poker site Full Tilt Poker was different, they even have been closed for a long while, and they were the largest poker site out there. It took a bit of time, but another site has taken the fall and shut down. This is the site Hollywood Poker, which has been a member of the Ongame Network for a very long while. It actually came as quite a surprise when players on the site saw that they were shut down on Monday.

There was no warning or heads up about this site being shut down, which shocked quite a few people. Fortunately, things aren’t nearly as bad as they were on Full Tilt Poker, when players were left with their money locked up online. All of the money that was in players’ accounts before the site shut down will be transferred to another site, RedKings.com, allowing players to continue to play. The exact quote from Hollywood Poker stated that the site has simply “stopped offering online poker”. It also said that so the players could “continue playing on the Ongame Network” that they have transferred the money to RedKings.com, which is one of the leading sites that are a part of the Ongame Network. For players who were using Hollywood, you’ll find that your login information remains the same, including the same nickname and same password.

Another nice bonus will be offered to players who were transferred over from Hollywood Poker to Red Kings will also get a nice $500 welcome bonus that is released in $25 increments.

Hollywood Poker was created back in 2004, and before the Black Friday massacre came along, this site was actually one of the largest and most talked about rooms in the Ongame Network. It actually featured two well-known spokesmen in World Poker Tour announcer Vince Van Patten, and actor James Woods as well. There were great promotions and many different types of tournaments and games offered on the site, which kept it growing and heading in the right direction in terms of the other online poker sites out there.

The random closing of the site was very strange, especially because things were going fine, even with cashouts on the site. Players will be happy with the new site of RedKings.com as they have solid traffic and a good number of different games offered as well. It’s worth noting that the poker room’s casino, Club Hollywood will also be shutting down, but this will only be for three months before they decide to re-open it with a new look on September 30th.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the traffic at Red King in the upcoming months. Regardless though, the Ongame Network is judged based on their overall number of players on the site, but still the specific site Red King should get a good boost in terms of total number of players in the upcoming weeks here.




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