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    Friday, August 20th, 2010 by t2admin

If you want to truly make a big impact at the Texas Hold’em poker tables, then learning the fine art of bluffing and advanced techniques for winning straight games, like controlling emotional expressions, playing patiently and developing a keen sense of judgment for going all-in when others don’t have the guts to do so are very important.

Especially when faced with an opponent who is likely to have better hand than you, it is important to maintain a poker face and bluff naturally so you can influence them in thinking you have an advantage, compelling them to fold quickly – leaving the way free for you to rake in a good pot size. However, the crucial factor in being a poker mastermind who can pull this off without making it look like obvious bluffing is to consider the best timing for making such a call.

The key to making a success of bluffing naturally is not to use this strategy too often as you don’t want your opponents to catch on to your technique, so it is advisable to intersperse this tactic with other moves that don’t draw attention to your raising out of position.

The smart way out is to semi-bluff or bluff only when faced with a single opponent, especially if you hold a late position. Also take note of how much money the other player or players have in the pot as this shouldn’t be so much that your raise or wager seems insufficient.

Remember, you don’t want to draw suspicious towards your weak hand if you are not certain of your opponent’s position because in this game, the goal of each player is to make the best five hand combination from the board and hole cards combination. Additionally, your seating position is also of great importance in Texas Hold’em poker as the only other edge over other players can be given by pocket cards since community cards (table cards) must be shared with all playing in the game.

A poker mastermind is a keen player who consciously studies his own game and makes regular efforts to improve plays for learning best case scenarios for folding, wagering, raising and calling though there may be times when simply donating one’s stack to the pot is the only way to go. Thus, a smart poker player must be able to determine when to fold and walk away too, which is as important as knowing when to raise or call.

Since Texas Hold’em poker games are now attracting global players, these involve a lot of money in prizes and this is why new changes and skills improvement are a must for serious poker fans that want to win in an enjoyable, profitable leisure pursuit.

However, a poker mastermind will not use bluffing excessively and definitely not with an experienced player who is attuned to watching for ‘poker tells’ or signs that you are bluffing, because such an opponent will catch on that you are raising only because of a good hand and quickly fold, ending your chances of raking in any decent amount of money. So, give your opponents some reason to doubt your moves especially during big pots if you want to project yourself as a poker mastermind – this will compel them to make tough decisions – one of the more advanced techniques of playing Texas Hold’em poker!

Finally, remember all poker masterminds play in a way that makes their big hands get paid off, advertise bluffs occasionally to avoid everyone folding on their big bets and using their movements to their long term advantage.




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