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    Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 by t2admin

Many experienced poker players do not think of themselves as businesspersons, however this is just what a solid pro should focus on identifying himself as because understanding proven techniques for consistently good plays and being able to add to a regular bankroll are two of the most important aspects of being a true professional. This only comes with treating the game like a business and developing it systematically!

A player can learn to maximize his or her poker income by improving skills, adding to the bankroll, combining gut-feeling connections with luck and earning by the hour. This means putting in as many hours as necessary to ensure that playing poker can become the player’s primary income source. Having raw poker skills, a basic but abiding interest in learning and applying strategies used by pros, learning how to use various software and guides available for adapting the game for different situations and being able to read other players are all important elements of making substantial money in poker games.

Amateur players keen on making their poker game the main source of income must therefore first identify which variation of the game they are good at and have consistently earned good money in to determine the game giving them their highest hourly rate.

To arrive at the best hourly rate, players need to research factors at play, including personal skills in comparison of those displayed by other players, the number of hands played each hour and the tables one can play at, besides rake and time charge added to variances influencing the game. Once these different factors have been determined, even players with considerably less experience in poker can improve their skills to make more money by being smart about the factors involved.

This is where playing in soft, loose games comes in, which many pros participate in only because they hope for less experienced players to be here just waiting to lose hands. Depending on the game chosen by the pro and the number of hands played, one may either get a chance to exert an edge or miss out completely.

For example, in a Limit Hold’em poker game, the professional needs to concentrate on medium of playing as playing 3 consecutive tables online can fetch a pro as much as 5 times the hands in an hour when compared to live casino game. However, if a pro is participating in a competition keeping the same limit in mind, the only advantage he has is in being able to concentrate on solid play in one game even though the online counterpart can make 5 times as much as him only because he has a lower rake and the facility to play 3 hands per hour! Thus, in Limit Poker, there is less importance of player read analysis and more stress on hand volume so choosing one’s game is crucial to making winning plays a habit.

Coming to No-Limit Poker games, this is where player reads are important because 2 or 3 games simultaneously may not be possible for a player and thus, the choice of medium has a direct influence on the hourly rate one needs to decide.

There are also tournament professionals but these players are few and far between because cash game experts are more keen on avoiding the stronger competition of tourney players who participate in variable contests since they feel they are better off accurately calculating higher chances of hourly rates that have lesser chances of failure too and this helps them stay out of debt too.




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