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  • Interesting Facts and Figures from the Just Concluded 2011 Epic Poker League

    Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 by t2admin

* The just concluded Epic tournament, the second of its kind, had many remarkable moments. Here are some of them.

*Timex Wins EPL Main Event 2 Days before 22nd Birthday*

Michael McDonald, also known as Timex, won the main event in the Epic Poker League (EPL) just two days before his twenty-second birthday. The young player’s stint in the poker scene in the US started just a year ago. Since then, he has managed to grab the attention of the poker circuit and win the Epic Tournament. Also, he has bagged over $3.6 million! This is an impressive accomplishment for a player of his age. Part of his success in the US has been a result of his achievements in the European poker scene.

*3 EPL Members Win Seats to Pro/AM Equalizer Tournament*

At the Pro/Am Equalizer tournament held early this month, three Epic League members won seats to the Main Event. At this event, amateur celebrities face off against professional poker players. The former set of players get a handicap – 50% more chips than the latter group. In the Pro/Am opening event, Andy Bloch, a non-League member, won a seat. However, in the second event, three members took the top spots. Though there was no money to be won, the nine poker players played out their hands. The League members who went to the Main Event through the Pro/Am Equalizer were Greg Mueller, Nam Le and Phil Hellmuth.

*Maximum Finishes in Pro/AM Qualifier Event – 7*

The most number of finishes by a qualifier in the Pro/Am event was 7. This was accomplished by two players – Brandon Meyers and Sean Getzwiller. They entered the EPL Main Event through the Pro/Am tournaments they played in. The first Main Event saw Meyers holding the ninth position at the table, and he was the only Pro Am player there. When Getzwiller bagged the seventh place, he became the first poker amateur to reach the final table.

*4 Players Cash-In at Both EPLs*

Erik Seidel is the only poker player to have made it to the final tables in both the EPTs held till date. Adam Levy eliminated players from the last positions in the events. Matt Glantz and Issac Baron finished in-the-money in both. The players have the honor of being the only four to have cashed-in, in both tournaments.

*Erik Seidel Earns $1,057,216 in 2011 – Makes up 12% of Total Earnings for the Year*

From Erik Seidel’s winnings in 2011, 12% was from his cashes in EPT. His wins in the tournament make up $788,430. This however, is just a small portion of the $6.4 million that Seidel has earned in 2011. Another player to have made a significant earning this year was Fabrice Soulier. He took home $1,057,216 from the events he won. Soulier won a bracelet in the WSOP HORSE Championship event which featured a $10,000 buy-in. He placed third in the Epic tournament. It is interesting that the player skipped the WPT Grand Prix to Paris event that took place close to home, to play in the event held at Las Vegas.




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