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  • Intertops Reviewing All Cash Game and Sit and Go Wins

    Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 by Ryan

Throughout the online poker world, things have been touchy since Black Friday hit a few years back, and many sites are reviewing a whole lot when it comes to the actual games themselves. A prime example of this is from Intertops Poker, who announced on Thursday of last week that they are going to be getting incredibly in-depth with how they review most player winnings before they actual credit the funds into the players’ accounts. This is a way for the site to help block any type of chip dumping that could happen at some of the tables. Intertops is a part of the Revolution Gaming Network, which is one of the newer gaming networks out there, and was created when Lock Poker made the move away from the Merge Gaming Network.

The new of the decision from Intertops came when a representative from Intertops Poker posted a message on the Two Plus Two message board on July 25th breaking this down more in-depth. The quote started off by saying that they were doing this to “counter the recently dramatically increasing number of chip dumping incidents”, and this is what led to the change in the security procedures. This has led to “all winnings being reviewed by the network security before they are authorized and credit to the player’s account.” As you move forward with this it is going to cause a “delay between cashing out of a table/winning a tourney and the accounting process.” They went on to apologize for having to move forward with this, but that they needed to take some type of action on this situation.

When it was broken down more in-depth, the representative said that multi-table tournaments are not going to be included in this. We aren’t sure exactly what to make of the situation though, as it seemed that some multi-table tournament winnings at Intertops Poker had taken a delay as well because of this same review. It’s unknown exactly what this means or how long the multi-table winnings are going to take to process, or when they will be back to normal.

Some people have been positive about this situation and do understand the situation, but know that it’s going to take a bit of time for money to get sent into their accounts. No one really wants to have any winnings delayed from getting into their accounts, but it is really just mixed reviews across the board. Some players have had different suggestions, one of which was for the site to review user to user transfers before they were approved and processed since that would be much less time consuming.

Obviously the negatives are coming flying in as well though, and one player stated that it’s “just funny how much of a trainwreck the whole network has become.” It’s crazy to read the back and forth the two sides have had, some being good with the protection that is being taken by the site, and others wondering why this type of craziness is happening at Revolution, and really only at Revolution currently.

Overall, there have been some issues coming up about Revolution as a whole, and one of them is the fact that two of the biggest names on the network are struggling with cashout speeds. This includes Lock Poker, who has a D- grade, and Juicy Stakes Poker, who has an F rating for cashout speeds. Intertops actually received a grade of A- for cashout speed though, and this has actually led to many players heading over to Intertops for that very reasoning. Players are actually selling their poker funds at steep discounts too from some of these sites, where you can see Lock poker funds being traded at less than 29 cents on the dollar, Juicy Stakes going for 40 cents on the dollar or so, and Intertops going for around 93 cents on the dollar.

This is why this entire issue started though, because of the cashout problems at other Revolution skins. The issues with them have led to chip dumping happening more and more on Intertops. It’s interesting to see how much this has happened, but good that Intertops is finding ways to try to keep this from happening.




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