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  • Intertops Segregates Mid Stakes and High Stakes from Rest of Site

    Monday, August 19th, 2013 by Ryan

The news relating to pretty much anything with the Revolution Gaming Network recently hasn’t been great it seems. I’m not sure exactly why this is happening, but after Lock Poker left Merge and decided to purchase the Cake Poker Network and then change the name, things were looking up. Now they’ve made a few changes, and one site that seems to constantly be taking a hit for it is Intertops Poker. Intertops is huge for online sports bettors, and they have a solid group of poker players and online casino players as well. But, for the second time in two weeks, they’ve had to make a decision bout their poker room due to the fact that they are on the Revolution Gaming Network. The most recent change that came out is that Intertops has decided to segregate their mid-stakes and high stakes players from the other players who play on the network.

What does this mean exactly? Well, to break it down simply, any games that feature Intertops players who are playing at the cash games of $2/$4 or higher, and any Sit and Go’s that have $20 buy-in’s or higher are going to be included in the group who can only play against each other. To top this off, Intertops is now going to be away from any of the Revolution multi-table tournaments that have guaranteed prize pools of $1,000 or more, which is likely to make it so that the site is going to end up taking quite a hit. There was a rep on the Two Plus Two forum who talked about this situation to help make players understand.

The representative stated that the site wants to keep their “reputation, and continue providing customers with the service and support that they deserve.” On top of that, the rep stated that they want to be able to “continue to guarantee our players their funds and remain one of the most trusted and safe places to play.” Right from this statement, it looks like a bad sign for the Revolution Gaming Network, and makes me think that something could be going on. They also apologized to their players for the inconvenience of all of this, and that they “hope to clear up a few of the issues over the next coming weeks and get back to where we know we can be.” The closing line is probably my favorite part, where it stated that “one thing is for sure- we have finished paying for the mistakes of others.”

Intertops is well-known, trusted, and a very strong site all-around. They are also one of the oldest online gambling sites out there, and they began with online sports betting back in 1996. They’ve never had a massive online poker room, but it’s been well-respected and drawn in some solid players as well. The issue they are finding though is that they are linked up with Revolution, which has some not so great operators. The biggest issue of the network? The fact that their cashout speeds are insanely slow, if they are even moving at all.

To break that down more, you’ll see that Juicy Stakes Poker has earned an “F” for cashout speed, and Lock Poker received a “D-“. While this doesn’t directly look like it’d hit Intertops, there have been talks about players chip dumping at Intertops on the cash game tables. This will make it so that Intertops players can cash out their friends funds, which would happen much faster than it would have on another site on the network. This led to that investigation that we previously spoke about, where the site is going to review all winnings at cash game tables before players get their funds.

There have been rumors that maybe Intertops could make a change in terms of networks, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m interested to see if this doesn’t happen though, because that could be a major move for Intertops. Time is going to tell on that, but we’ll have to see what the outcome is of the entire situation, and also if the cashout speeds end up increasing at all over the next few months at the Revolution Gaming Network.




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