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  • Is a Johnny Chan Poker Reality Show On the Way?

    Thursday, October 25th, 2012 by Ryan

If you are a fan of poker, you’ve probably heard of Johnny Chan before, and probably know that he’s quite the poker personality. To top it off though, Chan is also one of the most talented poker players out there, and he has become a fan favorite throughout his career as a pro. While Chan continues to grind out the different tournaments and cash games all over, there has been some talk about him potentially having a new reality show that is in the works. This new show is going to be a poker reality show, and we got to see a sort of preview for it this past weekend. It is going to feature the ten-time World Series gold bracelet winner, and the name of the show is “Full House”. The idea behind the new show is that players are going to have five young up and coming poker players live in Chan’s house. They will partake in different poker tournaments and cash games each day against each other. The show was produced by Jay Ishimaru and Javier Prato.

No one knows the entire deal behind the show just yet, but in the video that was released to the public this past weekend it gives a few of the details. For starters, players are going to be given $200,000 from Chan, and each night of the week two of the five players are going to take part in a nine-handed poker game, and interestingly the players who watch the show (or others for that matter) are able to participate in the nine handed game. The idea behind this is that if any of the players end up losing all of their money, then they are going to be sent off of the show and out of the house, and they will then be replaced by another poker player in Chan’s house. It’s an intriguing option for a show, especially for fans of poker, but there are still some questions surrounding the idea of the show.

A few of the questions that have been posed are going to directly relate to what the goal behind the show us. The concept is good and the idea behind the in-house competition and drawing in players from the outside is an interesting one, but is this going to be a contest or something that players can win at the end? Many players asked if the idea was simply for the players not to lose their entire stack, or if there would be something that they would be striving for. An interesting thought that was thrown around is that the player who plays at the tables against the in-house players and beats them out, gets to replace the losing player on the show. One last question is where the replacement player will come from, and whether or not they will be chosen before hand or at random.

Each player in the game is apparently going to have their own nickname as well. For example, one player is going to be called Jay “The Genius”, and then there will be Simon “The Playboy”, Estevan “Chico Loco”, Malia “Queen of Hearts”, and Matt “The Bully”. In the video that is shown to the players, “The Bully” is actually bullied a bit and tossed into the pool at Chan’s house. There have been some other interesting rumors swirling about the show, and one of the rumors includes the addition of a few other big named poker players being added into the mix as well.

Doyle Brunson was said to potentially be a part of the new show, but no one knows exactly what he will do in the show. For that matter, Brunson doesn’t even know what his role in the show will be either. According to Brunson, he was asked to join up by Chan and since they are friends he said he would do it. He “didn’t even know what the taping was for”, which is what he said in a tweet that he sent out responding to a question from another poker pro in Matt Glantz.

Jay Ishimaru, who, as previously mentioned is one of the producers of the show, went public in an interview about it. He stated that there was an offer on the table from a television network who was interested in getting “Full House” on their network. The deal that Ishimaru stated was that the network offered $500,000, but the producers decided to turn down the offer that was on the table. I really would not be surprised if there were offers on the table for the show, as adding a poker reality show with one of the biggest names in poker would draw in a whole lot of attention I would imagine.




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