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  • Is Chris Ferguson the Hold Up on a Potential Deal Between Full Tilt and Bernard Tapie?

    Sunday, January 29th, 2012 by Ryan

As we’ve heard quite a bit about, there is a pretty huge deal in the makings between the Groupe Bernard Tapie and the massive online poker site Full Tilt Poker. It seems that this deal has been in the works for quite a while though, and no one really knows exactly what is holding it back from being completed. It seems that there may be an answer to the question now though, as it was reported that one of the most popular poker players in the world, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson could potentially be the reason why this deal has yet to go through. Many people are hopeful that this will happen for a few reasons, two of which are the fact that the site still has a ton of the players’ money locked up on there, and also that this site was definitely one of the top two most popular online poker sites in the world before Black Friday.

Apparently the deal that is in the works is being held up by Ferguson because of the money that he had put into the site after Black Friday hit on April 15th of 2011. The numbers that were reported about Ferguson came to a whopping $60 million that he had accepted from Full Tilt since back in 2007, and apparently it had all been going under different accounts under “Pocket Kings, Ltd”. It looks like he took about $45 million of the money out, but Ferguson is attempting to pick up the remaining money from that account, which is where the problem lies.

Ferguson allowed the remaining $14.3 million of the money that was left in that account to go back into the Full Tilt accounts so that they could take care of things after Black Friday hit the United States. By doing so, Ferguson felt that this would put him at the top of the list as a potential owner of Full Tilt Poker after it over went its many changes. The problem with all of this is, that’s not exactly how it all ended up going down. The reason for this is because the new potential deal that is in the works states that none of the current owners who are a part of Full Tilt Poker will be allowed to have any type of ownership at ALL with the new site. This is quite a problem and could push everything back a bit as players hope to see something happen in the next few months.

As you could assume, the online poker players and fans of poker are definitely not happy with what’s been going on in this situation. They feel that it’s incredibly greedy of Ferguson to do this, and also that everything with the deal should be almost completely finished. We are all hopeful that the deal with the Groupe Bernard Tapie ends up coming through in the end, but as time rolls on you can bet that people are getting more and more worried about the potential future of this deal between Full Tilt Poker and the Group.




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