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  • Is Howard Lederer Really Out Partying in Vegas?

    Friday, August 24th, 2012 by Ryan

Many people have had quite a few things to say about anyone and everyone who was involved in the Full Tilt Poker scandal. It’s safe to say that the bulk of the things that people have said really haven’t been good things. This stands true in this situation as well, when Wendee Eolis went in-depth about the Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars deal, but also talked in-depth about Howard Lederer also. Lederer was apparently a big part of the company, and according to many reports was a big part of the scandal as well that rocked the online poker world. Full Tilt Poker was called a “ponzi scheme” and many other things as well, but the things that were said about Lederer definitely weren’t good for his image.

Eolis stated that the last time that anyone had seen Lederer was just after the announcement had came out that a deal with Full Tilt Poker was struck. Lederer was apparently at a friends house partying in Las Vegas, and the report also said that Lederer’s friends have been stating that Ray Bitar was in charge of the day-to-day operations of Full Tilt before Black Friday, but that he relinquished those duties in the final years leading up to Black Friday. Bitar apparently only came back to the site in order to attempt to get a deal done as well when Black Friday hit.

The story gets more interesting as you notice that everyone around Lederer apparently feels that he has been “unfairly” ostracized from the world of poker. And also that many of his friends are hoping to help him rebuild and repair his image, because they said that he was the “one player with an outstanding loan to FTP who made a substantial repayment without any prodding”. While all of this was said by the people closest to Lederer, no one said much about the fact that he was never one of the players to offer up any money in order to help play Full Tilt Poker players back for the money that they had locked up online.

Many people have looked past another key factor with this new deal between PokerStars, Full Tilt, and the Department of Justice, which is what is going to happen with the indictments that are in place against three big names in Lederer, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, and Rafe Furst. Apparently, it looks as though all involved are pointing the fingers at Bitar as the fall-guy for the entire situation.

Whether you like it or not, it looks as though there’s a good chance that Howard Lederer may not be able to rebuild that reputation that he once had in the poker community. While there is no doubt that he’s a strong all-around poker player, the situation that he found himself in at Full Tilt Poker is one that is going to be nearly impossible to rebound from. If he did come back from this to becoming a respected player in the poker community again, then it would be quite the comeback.




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