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  • Ivey Returns to the Tables at APPT Macau 2011

    Thursday, December 1st, 2011 by Nadia

Phil Ivey, one of the world’s best poker players, returned to the game for the first time since Black Friday, when he played in APPT Macau. Ivey had been missing from the professional poker circuit for almost 7 months. In May, he began legal proceedings against Tiltware, the company that handled the marketing and software for Full Tilt Poker. Phil subsequently withdrew his case, but boycotted the World Series of Poker 2011 as a form of protest on behalf of players who could not afford to participate due to their losses following the Black Friday incident.

APPT Macau 2011: Ivey Begins at Level 2

In a move that surprised both his fellow competitors and spectators, Phil Ivey joined the APPT tournament at Level 2. He has often been referred to as the greatest poker player in the game and his return both thrilled and shocked the audience.

Ivey started out the day by playing several pots and eventually his stack value went up to 95,000. However, the game really began during the last level played that day. One of the players opened with 2,200 in the middle position. The blinds were set at 500/1,000/100. Ivey was on the button when he made his call. The flop revealed 9d-Jc-9h. The other player led with 3,100 and when Phil called, the turn card showed 7c. Both Ivey and his opponent chose to check. When 5c arrived on the river, the other player wagered 7,300.

Ivey proceeded to study his opponent’s tactics before betting 5,000 chips on the game. The ensuing pot took Ivey’s winnings to six figures. He concluded the day with 51,200, which allowed him to move into the second day of play.

Ivey Busts Out on Day 2

The APPT Macau main event that was valued at HKD 30,000, brought in an initial field of 5575 players. At the end of Day 2, Nathaniel Seet took over as the chip lead with a stack valued at 774,500.

Phil Ivey, despite his good start in the tournament, busted out towards the end of the day. Ivey had nearly doubled his initial stack of 50,000. However, an unlucky streak had his chips whittled down to 51,200. During Day 2, Ivey managed to up his stack to 70,000. This brief triumph was followed by a string of losses that brought his stack down to 32,500.

Within the hour, http://www.playsolidpoker.com/fulltilt-poker/’s stack was down to only 18,700 chips. He was then faced with Kc-9h while still on the button. Phil once again went all-in against Darren Judges. Ivey lost the hand and was eliminated from the tournament.

Though Ivey professed disappointment at the conclusion of his run at APPT Macau 2011, he soon began playing in the Macau Big Game. This is a poker tournament with high stakes, where poker professionals face off against some of the most wealthy amateur poker players in China. It is a good opportunity for players to win large cash prizes. In 2010, Tom Dwan participated in the event and took home more than $9 million.




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