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  • Jannick Wrang Takes Down EPT Campione Event

    Sunday, April 1st, 2012 by Ryan

Going into the final day of action at the European Poker Tour Campione event, there were two well-known players at the top of the leaderboard in Fabrice Soulier and Olivier Busquet. At the end of the day, both players made a nice run through the final table, but only one of them was able to make it into the heads up match with another player who made an incredible run in Jannick Wrang. In the end, Soulier was sent home in 3rd place, and it set up a nice heads up match between Wrang and Busquet to decide who would take down the European Poker Tour Campione Championship. The final day featured the last eight players remaining with the winner getting to take home €640,000, and from the word go Busquet looked like he was poised to take it all down.

Busquet actually took the chip lead from Soulier within the first hour of play, but when the first break came around it was actually Balazs Botond who was holding on to the chip lead. Botond saw his pocket Queen’s hold up against the K-J of Robin Ylitalo and sent Ylitalo home in 8th place as the first elimination of the day. The fact that Busquet lost the chip lead didn’t affect him in the least though as he kept pushing out results and pressuring his opponents throughout. He sent home Stefano Puccilli in 7th place and left Mario Nagel with almost no chips, and won a big pot against Botond with a nice bluff to get over 5 million in chips.

After the break Soulier stepped the action up after a quiet start to the day and sent De Visscher home in 5th place and we also saw Busquet lose a good amount of chips to Botond and Wrang, leaving him on the back end of the four player race to the finish. These four players actually went at it for about three and a half hours before we saw another player sent home, but it actually wasn’t Busquet who was the short stack, as he doubled up twice through Botond and Wrang. It was actually Botond who went home in 4th when he was knocked out by Wrang.

Busquet began making moves once again when it was three-handed and he made a huge call of Soulier’s all-in with A-6, and Soulier turned over K-Q. The flop came out with a King, but Busquet was able to hit an Ace on the turn giving him the lead, and it held up. This set up the heads up match between Wrang and Busquet in which Wrang had a four million chip lead over his opponent.

He never lost this lead and while they played for over an hour and a half, Busquet couldn’t pick up anything to move him closer. He pushed all in with A-9 and was called by Wrang’s A-6 eventually, but four hearts gave Wrang the Ace high flush and sent Busquet home in 2nd place. Wrang took the Championship and the first place pay day of €640,000, while Busquet got €430,000 for his second place finish.




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