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  • Jose Macedo Contract Terminated by Lock Poker

    Saturday, August 13th, 2011 by t2admin

Jose Macedo was recently signed to Lock Poker as an Elite Pro, but things haven’t gone as planned. In April of this year Macedo won the Lock Poker BLUFF Pro Challenge. However, shortly after winning the challenge it became apparent that someone else had played on Macedo’s account during the promotion. Jose made a statement afterwards stating that his “Backer” logged into his account to check the balance and play some $25/$50 PLO.

As soon as it was apparent that multiple people had signed into Macedo’s account he was stripped of the title. I’m sure Lock was thrilled to have one of their pros win the challenge, but after an audit Macedo was disqualified. At this point, Macedo was still with Lock Poker, but this scandal definitely hurt his reputation with the poker room and the Merge Network. Now it has come to light that Macedo was also cheating players on Lock Poker, which is why his contract as a pro has been terminated.

Merge Gaming has also permanently banned Jose Macedo from ever playing on the network again. Apparently, Jose would teach other players through Skype and tell them to play against a Lock Poker account “Sauron1989”. Players were losing lots of money against Sauron1989 and after some investigative work; it became apparent that Macedo was doing something sketchy.

Jose made a statement saying that it was a friend helping him cheat players, but most poker players don’t buy it. Logs confirm that the account “Sauron1989” and Macedo’s Skype account logged-in and logged-out at very similar times. Many believe that Macedo was charging his students for lessons and taking their money at the same time because he had access to their hole cards and knew when he could win.

Jose Macedo was supposed to be the “Spanish Prodigy”, but he’s now going to be remembered as a cheat and scammer. Jose has said that he’ll pay the money back to the players that he scammed, but that’s beside the point. The fact that Macedo would do that in the 1st place will be enough to keep him blackballed from the poker world for a long time to come. Many are talking about this scandal on poker forums and it should be interesting to see what else is found out about Macedo.

Jose was branded as a superstar poker player with millions in winnings, which makes it even weirder that he’d risk everything to win $10K-$20K off various students. It should be noted that CardRunners has also terminated Macedo from the site and if you’re thinking about buying coaching from Jose make sure you think twice.




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