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  • Kastle Dominates Day One of WPT Prague

    Monday, December 5th, 2011 by Nadia

The WPT stop at Prague, Czech Republic, was held at the Corinthian Hotel. The first day of play was divided into Day One (a) and Day One (b). The field for the tournament was the largest ever for a World Poker Tour event hosted in Europe. Despite a high buy-in of €3,500, 568 players sat down at the tables. The prize pool was therefore, approximately €1.75 million.

Out of the 568 players, 63 will eventually be able to take home the minimum cash prize of €6,400. The cash prize for first place will be €450,000. The winner will also be granted a seat at 2012’s WPT championship as well as become the winner of 2011’s title.

Kastle Earns the Lead on Day One (b)

Casey Kastle is one of the top ten players on the WPT circuit based on the number of cashes he has had in his career. Kastle carefully built up his stack while playing Day One (b). However, his biggest boost occurred only when another poker pro sat down at his table.

Towards the end of Day One (b), Kastle came up against Michael Tureniec, a poker pro who hails from Sweden. Both players had stacks that were well above average. The two began an intense round of play which was one of the key hands of the day. Both players raised several times before Kastle went all-in with 170,000 in chips. Tureniec called and the hands were revealed. Kastle held pocket Aces and Tureniec held pocket Queens. The result of this hand was that Kastle’s stack was doubled and Tureniec’s stack was down to 100,000 chips.

Day One (b): Other Players Remaining

Other than Kastle, there were several other players who rose in the rankings. Karen Saruisyan (Russia), Nikola Sears (United States), Stephen O’Dwyer (United States) were all ranked in the top four spots on the tournament leaderboard. The chip leader for Day One (a), Jan Ramik (Czech Republic), fell to fifth place at the end of Day One (b). Day Two will see 218 players, in total, take to the felt. The second day of play consists of 8 levels that the players will have to undergo before moving into Day Three.

WPT Prague: Initial Rounds of Day Two

Daniel Carter attracted fanfare after he eliminated Maksim Semisohenko. The two engaged in an intense hand with Maksim holding Ac-Jc. The flop gave out an ace, along with two clubs. However, Carter’s luck held out and he was able to battle it out, despite the club card that came on the turn and the Jack that appeared on the river. This helped him eliminate Maksim from the tournament.

Unfortunately, a little while later, Jean Marie Vandeborne took a large chunk out of Carter’s winnings. Carter proceeded to make a call on the board which had given out 10-10-5-4-8. He held A-Q, which aided him in eliminating another of his opponents. Another player held K-Q. Daniel won 170,000 chips from the encounter.

Stephen O’Dwyer, despite the serious threat of elimination from Nikola Sears, managed to grab the chips lead with 500,000. Kastle followed him in rankings and Martins Adeniya landed at third place with 310,000 chips.




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