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    Monday, December 26th, 2011 by Nadia

The final table of the Epic Poker League (EPL) Mix-Max main event was the fifth day of the tournament. The day of play, despite featuring only five players, lasted for 15 hours, at the end of which a champion was selected. Chris Klodnicki emerged victorious and took home $801,680 and was also presented with a champion’s ring.

Clements and Mizrachi Eliminated Early in the Game

The eliminations began almost as soon as the game did, which is what made the 15 hour duration of the game so surprising. Both Scott Clements and Joe Tehan began the day with short stacks. Clements’ stack was only worth 131,000 chips and Tehan’s was worth 820,000. Once a few hands had been played, Clements went all-in, while holding Kc-9c. Andrew Lichtenberger, the chips leader from day 4, called. Lichtenberger’s hand consisted of Kd-Ts. Things began to look bright for Clements when the flop revealed a 9. However, the turn card was revealed to be a 10 which eliminated him from the tournament.

Michael Mizrachi, also known as ‘The Grinder’, was an unexpected elimination early on in the game. Mizrachi began the day with the second largest stack at the table, valued at 1.279 million in chips. However, Michael was unable to hold onto his chips, surrendering 50,000 to Klodnicki when he lost a pot. His top pair, on the flop was two 9s. They were trumped by Andrew’s pocket Kings. Mizrachi was finally knocked out of the tournament by Tehan after failing to trump his opponent’s hand (Ah-3s). Mizrachi’s hand consisted of Kh-6h.

Heads up Play: Klodnicki versus Lichtenberger

After the initial eliminations, the pace of the game slowed down. The next player to be eliminated was Joe Tehan, after more than 100 hands had been played. Tehan’s hand of pocket 9s worked both as an advantage and a disadvantage for him. The first time that he held those cards, they helped him double his stack while facing Lichtenberger. However, later, Tehan’s pocket 9s were unable to trump Klodnicki’s hand of Ad-7c.

Once Tehan left the tournament, there were only two players left – Lichtenberger and Klodnicki. To determine the winner of the championship, the two players would participate in a heads-up showdown. The player who won the best of three rounds would be declared the champion. For the two initial rounds, players used their stacks. Lichtenberger had a substantial stack of 1,526,000. However, Klodnicki’s stack consisted of 3,470,000 chips, giving him an edge over Lichtenberger. The third round, if the players were still in the game, would have leveled out both players’ stacks. However, unfortunately for Lichtenberger, there was no need for a third round.

The First Match: Lichtenberger was able to take the lead several times during the first round. However, Klodnicki remained constant and used his chips to give him an edge. His pocket Kings helped him take a chunk out of Lichtenberger’s stack after the flop revealed a club, allowing him to form a flush draw with his hand of Jc-9c.

The Second Match: The second round was nearly 70 hands long. Lichtenberger failed to match or overtake Klodnicki’s stack. After both players had raised each other’s bets several times, Lichtenberger was knocked out of the tournament by Klodnicki when the turn card gave him the advantage.




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