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    Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 by Ryan

Here we go again with the online poker sites making moves it seems. We’ve talked in the past about online poker sites either leaving to go and be on their own, or for sites to leave one network and head to another network. The most recent bit of poker news to come out is about the online poker site Ladbrokes, but it’s not technically “new” poker news. Ladbrokes originally stated that they were going to be moving close to a year ago, but the final move date is set. Ladbrokes come out this week and announced that they are going to be moving from Microgaming’s MPN network to the iPoker Network. The move will mean a few different things for Ladbrokes players, but right away it’s going to affect just the poker players.

Back in March Ladbrokes said that they were going to be leaving MPN, but they had to figure a few things out. The transition to the new network had to be done in the easiest way on the players, and that’s what they are shooting for. The date of the move came from the FAQ page on the website for Ladbrokes, as they said that they were going to be moving from MPN to the iPoker Network on Saturday, December 21st. The player balances and details of the player accounts are all going to stay the same, but players are going to have to choose new usernames to play under. Players can use the same screen name if they want to, as long as the old name isn’t already in use on another site under the iPoker Network. Players’ login names and passwords are going to remain the same though.

For any players who have active bonuses, they are going to be transferred, but the same cannot be said about tournament tickets or any tokens. It’s not bad though, as the tournament tickets and tokens are actually going to be converted to cash into the players’ accounts, and the loyalty points that players have earned are going to transfer to the new network also. Ladbrokes also set it up nicely for players so that they are going to be able to join into the iPoker Network at the highest VIP level which they’ve hit in the past year. That status will stand for one month while the players will then have to play in order to stay at that VIP level.

A downside of the changeover? Well, it’s going to affect the rakeback, as the rakeback deals that players have are going to be cancelled with the move. Ladbrokes is doing their best to help ease the minds of players who get rakeback by pointing out the option for players to convert loyalty points to cash, tournament tickets, and bonuses. Many players are huge on rakeback though, so it will be interesting to see what type of response that we get back from the loss of rakeback.

This is another hit that MPN has taken recently, as just last week they also lost Unibet, who was one of the largest sites on their network. Technically they haven’t “lost” Unibet yet, but they are going to be leaving in early 2014, so they have just a few months at most with Unibet under their brand.

At this point, MPN comes in ranked as the 10th largest network out there in terms of cash game traffic, and through the prior seven days they’ve put up solid numbers. They were averaging 1,350 cash game players, which is 50 less than Bodog, who is the largest site that accepts United States players. With two big time sites leaving the network though, it’s unknown as to how the numbers will be affected. I think it is safe to assume that MPN will drop out of the top ten in the rankings, but the question is how far are they going to fall. PokerStars.fr is 100 cash game players behind currently, and Adjarabet is 100 more behind that. The drop from there is another 300 cash game players to Dollaro.

Ladbrokes is making a move to a big time network though, as iPoker ranks second in the largest cash game network, bringing an average of 2,500 players over a seven day average. The casino games of Ladbrokes are still going to stay with Microgaming until the spring of 2014 though, so it will just be poker making the move for now.




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