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    Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 by Ryan

The game of poker is definitely known around many different cities in the United States, but the two biggest far and away are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. One state that has flown under the radar a bit in terms of their poker popularity, is the state of Florida. Florida has always had some solid poker rooms and is well-respected in the poker world for running a very good poker tournament when hosting a large tournament series. It looks like they have taken it a step further though, and are looking to expand their popularity in the poker world even more as well, as they recently opened the largest poker room in the entire state this past week. The new poker room is in Jacksonville, and is called the Best Bet Jacksonville.

The new poker room offers over 70 different tables, and runs the more popular games such as Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud mainly. There will also be other games that the poker room will run as well, and you can bet that it will all vary a bit as time goes on as well. One thing that makes this new poker room quite a bit different than many other in the state is that it isn’t connected with any type of Indian casino, or racetrack either, which many locations currently have. The actual laws in Florida state that if a poker room is not a part of an Indian casino, then it MUST either be connected to a greyhound or horse racing track, but it was later explained by a professor from the Florida Coast School of Law as to how this was allowed. Essentially, what the new poker room is doing is simulcasting 140 racing days, and as long as the continue to do this then they are considered to be legal in the state.

The new poker room is pretty huge, as it is in a 144,000 square foot building, and it’s more than just poker players in the area that are happy about this as well. It seems that many of the businesses that are located within the mall that the poker room is by feel that this could definitely help bring in some additional traffic to their stores and also help the businesses make some additional money as well. Players were loving it as well, stating that the poker room is top notch, and “gorgeous”.

In another positive that this new poker room is bringing, you’ll find that this offers quite a few additional jobs to the Jacksonville area as well, since they will be employing right around 200 people, and paying each one an average of $50k per year, a number that will leave quite a few smiles on many people’s faces. The past unemployment rate in Jacksonville was stated at being just around 9.4% in January of this year.

For those players who are curious when the next big event will be held at this new room, you’ll find that on April 27th to May 2nd, the World Poker Tour will run the WPT Jacksonville Best Bet Open, which is one of their regional events. This will be a great opening for the room, as it could potentially draw in some very big numbers and also some of the bigger names in poker because of the popularity that always surrounds the World Poker Tour year in and year out. On the weekends, this poker room is open 24 hours a day, and on Monday to Thursday it will be open from 10am to 4am.




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