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  • $421,826 – Largest Pot Ever Won on PokerStars , Sahamies Takes it Home

    Saturday, September 17th, 2011 by t2admin

Recently, Illari Sahamies won the largest pot ever on PokerStars. He took home $421,826 in a game against five other players. It was a $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha game with Andreas Torbergsen and bernard-bb at the felt. The hand that won him the pot, had Ah-Kh-6h-4c. bernard-bb had a hand with Ad-2d-As-7s. Torbergsen’s cards have not been revealed yet.

Action at the Felt that Led to the Win

Pre-flop, on the cut-off, three of the six players – Phil Galfond, socutiesf and Rafi Amit – folded their hands to Sahamies when he raised by $1,400. At that time, Sahamies had an impressive $247,909. Andreas Torbergsen, the dealer, called and bernard-bb, who was the small blind, did the same. While the former had $30,208, the latter had $195,609.

Ks-2h-3h hit the board on the flop. This led bernard-bb to check, Sahamies to bet $4,595 and Torbergsen to raise it to $18,380. Following this, bernard-bb and Sahamies called. When the turn brought a 9h, the players checked to Torbergsen. He quickly moved all-in with his remaining $10,428. bernard-bb lost no time in check-raising it to $91,019. Sahamies called this.

With a 3h on the river, bernard-bb bet $84,810 and Sahamies matched this. This brought all three players to showdown. Here, it was quite evident that bernard-bb’s two aces and threes were not as strong as Sahamies’ ace-high flush. Sahamies’ hand was the clear winner, landing him the massive pot.

High-Stakes Action at PokerStars in Weeks Before Tournament

In the weeks following up to the tournament, Viktor Blom and Illari Sahamies were stirring a lot of attention with their high-stakes cash games. Both were in approximately $1,000,000 swings at the felt. Other players at PokerStars and fans of the tournament were of the opinion that with the World Championship of Poker (WCOOP), organized by PokerStars, commencing, the action at cash games tables would reduce. However, that was not the case.

Sahamies had company grinding cash at the tables. Some of the high-stakes players who occupied the tables were Niki Jedicka, Phil Galfond, Rafi Amit, Brian Hastings and Andreas Torbergsen. Prior to winning the massive pot, Sahamies had been struggling with a few losses. However, with his persistence, he made a profit of $545,124 in 7,319 hands which he played in 80 sessions. Jens Kyllonen took third place as a victor at the cash games when he earned $248,123 in 7,785 hands that were played in 86 sessions.

Galfond followed, with a win of $181,425 This was won in 76 sessions, in 7,401 hands. While the winners celebrated their victory, players like Viktor Blom and Torbergsen had to face losses. In just 29 sessions, Blom lost $439,235 when he played an overall 2,776 hands. Torbergsen too had a bad week that cost him the second place on the list of the biggest winners of the year. In 78 sessions comprising 5,480 hands, he lost $491,610 – close to a half million dollars.

Until the Black Friday incident, Full Tilt Poker was where all the high-stakes action took place, with players winning huge pots. However, post incident, the site has been replaced by PokerStars as the place to go to for the big cash games.




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