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  • Largest Seniors Event Ever at WSOP Taken Down By Ken Lind

    Monday, June 17th, 2013 by Ryan

This is probably one of the more interesting bits of news to come out from the 2013 World Series of Poker, but it’s possibly because of the fact that I didn’t realize just how large the Seniors Event at the World Series of Poker really is. Well, apparently the WSOP Seniors Event gets a huge following, and it was no different this year. When all was said and done we saw a total of 4,407 entries into the event, and this ended up breaking the record for the event, and made it the largest Seniors Event in the history of the World Series of Poker. This is ten years running now that the field has broken the record actually, which is pretty impressive. Last year we saw 4,128 players enter, and this year’s event was actually bigger than any Main Event up to 2005 (which is when it completely blew up).

Now, as far as the field goes, the story behind the winner is one that you probably won’t forget for a long time. The eventual winner of the event was a player by the name of Ken Lind. Lind has seven children, and was a part of the military for over two decades. He’s played poker in his time obviously, but he had never cashed in a World Series of Poker even in his lifetime, which makes this even more incredible. Cashing would have been one thing, but winning? That’s a completely different beast folks. For his win? How about a pay day of $634,809, and a WSOP gold bracelet that, as you know, not many people have.

Well, for those who are curious about Lind not cashing any WSOP events before, the reason for this is because this tournament was actually the first event that he had ever entered in his lifetime. He said that he decided to put playing in a WSOP event on his bucket list “about six or eight years ago”, and that he had been “pushing it off every year”. Apparently it was his wife who was the one who talked him into playing in this years event. If you want a good quote, his wife said “before you start pushing grass up, go do it!” He also told the officials from the World Series that the largest tournament he had played in before this was around 10 or 12 tables, so coming to play against 4,400 opponents was a massive change.

When Day 3 of the action at this event began, there were only 34 players still fighting for the win. When the final table was officially set though, Lind was sitting with 1.9 million chips, which was good for second place. The chip leader was Dana Ott with 2.1 million, and then there were two men tied up with Lind with 1.9 million chips as well. Fifth place was sitting with 1.8 million, and the next two players had over one million chips as well. It was massively different than most final tables, as this bracelet was going to literally be anyone’s to take down at the end of the day, so players and fans were definitely watching.

Lind was able to get his stack up to 2.7 million pretty quickly, and when the fourth orbit started he went on to knock out Fernando Halac in 9th place. This left him with 5.25 million chips, and he was sitting in a great spot to make a push towards the gold bracelet. He kept rolling by knocking out additional players from there, but hit a bit of a down swing at one point. When the heads up play started it was Ott against Lind, and Lind had a small chip lead of 6.99 million to 6.22 million.

The match went for a total of 70 hands, and the two went back and forth a good bit. Lind wasn’t playing most hands with any chance at risking a massive amount of his chips, and the final hand went about as expected. Lind limped pre-flop and Ott checked. The flop came with 7-8-10 rainbow, and Ott bet 400,000, leading to a call from Lind. The 7h came on the turn, and Ott checked, leading to a 1 million chip bet from Lind. Ott moved all-in, and Lind called immediately. Ott asked Lind if he had the straight, and he did, turning over J-9 against the J-7 of Ott. Ott needed to complete the boat to win the tournament, but was unable to do so.

Lind was the gold bracelet winner and took home a massive pay day, while Ott got a nice second place pay day of $390,601 as well.




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