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  • Larry Wright Wins WSOP Event #30 $1,500 2-7 No Limit Draw Lowball Event

    Friday, June 22nd, 2012 by Ryan

The 2012 World Series of Poker features some of the more popular events like the No Limit Hold’em tournaments with $1,000 and $1,500 buy-in’s, but it also features tournaments that don’t get as much hype as the others do. A prime example of this is the $1,500 2-7 No Limit Draw Lowball event, which was #30 at the 2012 World Series. The story behind the eventual winner of this event is an interesting one, as Larry Wright may not be the most well-known poker player in the game today, but he showed that if you take the time to learn a game that you can still get results.

Wright learned the game of 2-7 No Limit Draw Lowball just days before the World Series of Poker event kicked off, and while he said that he did make some “rookie mistakes”, apparently he knew what he was doing quite well as he went on to win his first ever WSOP gold bracelet and take down a nice first place pay day for the win as well. His story didn’t stop there though, as he got to the final table of the event as the short stack with only 116,200 chips.

Things weren’t going to be easy for Wright, and he knew that. He was up against some of the most well-known and strongest poker players in the world such as Brandon Cantu (who had the chip lead to start), Erick Lindgren, Michael Mizrachi, Andrew Lichtenberger, and Rep Porter. To do the math for everyone, that means that out of the seven final players, five of them were big named poker players.

When the final table play began, Wright sat back and picked up a few chips here and there over the early levels of play, but when they were down to four players just an hour later he was sitting at the bottom of the standings with Mizrachi with only 65k in chips. Based on chip stacks, Cantu and Lichtenberger looked prepared to be getting ready for a heads up match, but when Mizrachi was sent home in 4th place, Wright doubled up in back to back hands and found himself with over 200k. A few hands later he added 120k more chips to be sitting at 320k.

When we hit the three hour mark Wright was actually sitting as the chip leader in a three way battle with each player holding over 400k in chips. His chip lead was only 13k over Cantu and 25k over Lichtenberger, but soon enough his stack was continuing to grow as it went to 500k and 600k, and he then knocked out Lichtenberger to go to 740k. When heads up play began against Cantu, Wright had a big edge of over 200k in chips.

While Cantu won the first hand of heads up, Wright turned it around quickly and kept working until he was holding all the chips but 200k. Cantu went all-in with T-9-6-3 and Wright called him with 9-8-7-3, and Wright drew a 4 to propel him to the victory. Wright got the win and the pay day of $101,975. This was his ninth cash of his career, and his best finish before this was an 8th place one in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event back in 2008.




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