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  • Launch of Zoom Poker Is Officially Here

    Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 by Ryan

PokerStars launches a ton of excellent promotions and also has some of the widest array of different games offered to their players as well. While they offer many different tournaments and cash games, one big reason why they’ve been in the poker news recently is their creation of the new online poker game Zoom Poker. Zoom Poker is very similar to what one of their biggest competitors had created before they got into their serious legal troubles over the past year or so, when Full Tilt Poker created Rush Poker on their own site. Zoom Poker was in its beta testing mode over the past two months in order to work out any kinks, but after the two months it seems that things were ready to roll when the site decided to fully launch Zoom Poker on Tuesday. To give an idea of how popular Zoom Poker has been to this point, they have dealt over 300 million hands since the middle of March.

The idea behind Zoom Poker is that players buy-in to play against a large group of players at a specific limit, and the game type and stakes are both set throughout the length of your play. As soon as you fold your hand though, you will automatically be moved to another table with a new group of players, and you have the option to fold your hand at any time during the play as well. There is the “fast fold” option which allows you to even fold your hand before the action even gets to you, leading to you being dealt into a new hand possibly before it would even be on you to act.

It’s still standard poker with standard games and limits, but the biggest difference is that you are able to see a ton more hands in a much shorter period of time, which means that there is no time in between hands when you fold that you have to sit and watch the play unfold in front of you. You still have the option to be able to see how a hand plays out if you’d like to by pressing the “CTRL” button on your keyboard while pressing fold, and this will let you see what happens in the hand. But in general, you are going to not only get to play more hands, but also earn more rakeback and be able to stay involved in the action rather than having to play hands out of position or play hands that you typically wouldn’t want to play in order to remain involved.

With the new games opening up they have made it so that instead of just offering No Limit Hold’em at the lower stakes, you can instead play in Omaha and Draw games as well, with limits that range quite a bit more as well. There are still the low limits offered such as the $0.01/$0.02, but it will also go all the way up to the $2.50/$5.00 blind levels as well. As far as multi-tabling goes, you also have the option to play up to four tables at one time as well.




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