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  • License Hearing for Full Tilt Poker to Take Place as Scheduled on 19th September

    Thursday, September 15th, 2011 by t2admin

The license hearing for Full Tilt Poker, will resume on 15th September. However, it will not be open to the public. According to a statement issued by the online poker room, the hearing will be recorded on camera, in private. It also stated that the decision was taken by the commissioners of Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). They form the tribunal heading the regulatory hearing for the poker room.


Based on the statement, the media too will be shut out of the hearing. The decision to keep the hearing private is similar to that taken by ACGG prior to the proceedings which took place in July. The first hearing was initially supposed to be open to the public; however, the upcoming one was not.


Full Tilt Poker Pre-Trial Application


A few days ago, Full Tilt Poker had made a pre-trial application to the AGCC, requesting that its license hearing be adjourned. But the AGCC has decided to proceed with the pre-determined date for the hearing. Andre Wilsenach, CEO of the AGCC, clarified this aspect and stated that he had argued on behalf of the trial taking place on the scheduled date.


According to him, however, the decision to hold the hearing in private was taken against his arguments to keep it open to the public. He stated that the reasons behind the suspension of the license and calling for a hearing are aspects about which people have a right to know. The CEO is prepared to provide evidence for the decisions taken against the poker room.


He clarified that the AGCC’s move to not make the hearing public was made in the interest of the parties involved in the issue. The tribunal has taken various aspects into account, especially the legal arguments, when deciding whether to postpone the hearing or not. The decision to not allow the public to witness the proceeding was also taken after much deliberation.


The Context of the Hearing


The hearing pertains to the site’s gaming license that was suspended in June. This action was taken following the federal indictment that was passed against the operators of Full Tilt Poker by the US Department of Justice. Two other poker sites too were subjected to a similar indictment. This resulted in players from the three poke sites losing their gambling accounts. The incident has been referred to as ‘Black Friday’ in the poker world. Since then, the poker site has suspended its operations in all markets.


Full Tilt Poker has been unable to pay the players who had accounts with it. In a statement released by the poker room, this was partly a repercussion of the indictment. According to the statement, two other factors affected its ability to pay players. One was the cash seizures – amounting to $115 million – that the US government had been carrying out over several years. Another was a huge theft that was perpetrated by a payment processor employed by the poker room. This cost Full Tilt Poker $42 million. Despite these losses, till it was shut down, the poker site had been covering losses to ensure that players were not affected.  




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