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  • Live Betting Added to New Poker Tournament Series

    Sunday, March 25th, 2012 by Ryan

The new iSeries of poker is a tournament series that could change the game of poker forever, and it will begin next month. The idea behind the series will not only offer the players some group options through their tournaments, but will also offer fans and viewers of the events some great additions as well. The new program will be called the “iSeriesLive“, and was created by the agency which represents some huge names in poker, the Poker Royalty, LLC. The tournament series starts at 2pm EST and the first event will be a big one from the word go, as it features a $10k buy-in which will ALL go to the winner. It is a ten player sit-n-go tournament that features some of the biggest names in poker like Daniel Negreanu, Carlos Mortensen, Phil Hellmuth, and David “Devilfish” Ulliott. The date is set for April 5th, and the location is in Dublin, Ireland.

This tournament series will be incredibly different than others though, as players will have NOTHING to do with the outside world during this tournament. That means that there will be no smartphones allowed or any way to talk with people outside of the event to gain information. The reason for this is because the tournament is going to be shown live WITH their hole cards show to the viewers, so everyone will know what the players have at the same times that they know. This is done because of the second part that will involve fans of the game and players who love getting in on some betting!

Players can watch the action through their computer on the website iSeriesLive.com, and can action place bets on different parts of the tournament throughout! You can bet on things like which player is going to win the actual event (and the odds on this bet change as the chip stacks change), and you can also place bets on which player at the table will be sent home next, whether the flop will come out mainly red or mainly black, and also things like who will last longer bets between players. All of the live betting is through PaddyPower, and should be an exciting way for players to watch the game of poker!

As far as the action bet on the players, each player actually will get a split of the revenues that are bet on or against them during the tournament. This means that players actually have the chance to make some additional money while playing in the tournament, even if they aren’t able to take down one of the events! There are also a few additional events that are in store for the fans including things like Six Max events with 36 players, heads up events, and many other options that will have tons of different bets available on them as well!

If you want to get in on betting the action now, you’ll find that Negreanu is the favorite at 11/2, but Hellmuth isn’t far behind with odds of 13/2. Everyone is pretty close overall and it should make for some incredible betting moving forward!




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