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  • Lock Poker Takes Down Revolution In Sunday Tournaments

    Friday, November 22nd, 2013 by Ryan

We recently talked about the brand new competition that we have between Lock Poker and their old network, the Revolution Gaming Network. It was an interesting story, as Lock Poker actually left the Merge Gaming Network, and was a huge part of the creation of the Revolution Gaming Network, and they were a key reason as to why Revolution got a strong start when they got off of the ground. Unfortunately though, things took a major turn when there were complaints about payout issues, and a few other things with not only Lock, but other sites on Revolution as well. Since the split happened, we saw Revolution trying to push players to another one of their online poker sites, and just simply draw players away from Lock Poker. This obviously built up even more of an issue between the two sides, and Lock came firing back at Revolution from that point.

After the change happened, everyone was interested to see what would happen with the first Sunday of tournament action, and it was based around the tournament entries for their biggest tournament, and both of them featured $109 buy-in’s to the events. If you’re looking at just these numbers, then it looks like Lock is going to take the cake for week one of the action. In the two tournaments, Lock has their $25k guarantee, and Revolution features a $15k guarantee. Lock saw a total of 250 players buy-in to their $109 event, while the Revolution Gaming Network could pull in just 160 total players. It’s fairly surprising since Lock is really just a standalone online poker site now, and Revolution has a few different sites that work with them.

Lock Poker also made an announcement that they had changed their software and added an update. This information came in the form of an email to players on Monday, and the transition apparently came without any big flaws or incidents that are worth talking about. They site also gives players the chance to change their avatar by customizing it as well. There is a fully functional hand replayer that players can take advantage of also, which is a nice added bonus from Lock that not many other online poker sites except for the big time sites out there currently offer. The software is going to be something similar to what you would see at PartouchePoker.fr, and it has a black color scheme that is easy on the eyes. The Lock Poker logo and their colors are the same though, and I’d have to say that the changes to the software could be considered a hit by players.

There hasn’t been any specific tracking of the numbers that are on Lock Poker currently since it just separated, but based on the information that was just given out it looks like we’ve seen Lock Poker have around 1,700 players on their site at the peak hours, and during their most recent freeroll they had 2,000 players. On the other side though, Revolution has really been struggling to get anything going at all, as they’ve been floating around 400 total players at their peak times, which is a number that definitely comes in at the bottom of the rankings and leaves you with a bit of a worried feel about the future of the site.

Only time will tell exactly what is going to come between these two, but it looks currently like Lock Poker is going to be the one to grab the reigns. If they really have fixed their payment processing and taken care of getting players paid, then they should have no problem drawing in a good number of players and also getting their tournament numbers, tournament guarantees, and cash game players at peak hours up pretty quickly as well. Neither of these sites are nearing the top of the rankings, and probably won’t do it anytime soon, but for United States players, they are both still options, so looking at Lock Poker as a potential site to play on could be a good option moving forward. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news that comes out from either of these sites over the next few weeks.




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