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  • Lock Poker to Run Ronin Rake Race

    Thursday, May 17th, 2012 by Ryan

Lock Poker has quickly become one of the most talked about online poker sites in the game, and they were back in the news the other day for their massive purchase of the Cake Poker Network. They will be fully moving to the new network starting at the end of this month, and they’ve decided to do a few big things because of the move to the new site as a way to welcome the players in and give them a way to feel at home. The first thing that they have decided to do is to run one of their most popular ever promotions on the site again, which is called the Ronin Rake Race. This will be the first way that all of the players will get the feel of the new Lock Poker/Cake Poker combination site that will be opening, and it will be using the Cake Poker software.

This promotion is excellent for quite a few reasons, but one of the largest is the fact that the newest version of it is going to offer the p layers over $1 million total in prizes that will be awarded. There is a potential for players to actually win up to $45k in cash straight into your online poker account through this promotion, which is obviously a huge selling point for the players.

This promotion will kick off to start June and is going to run all the way through the month. The Ronin Rake Race will give players different cash prizes, with numbers being based off of the amount of VPP points that they end up earning during the month. Players will get prizes starting with as few as 100 VPP’s over the length of the month, which is definitely not a tough number to hit. If players hit that number then they will earn $1.50 in a bonus, and these numbers will go all the way up to players having the chance to earn 80,000 VPP’s throughout the month, which will get them $7,500. This would give the player a cumulative total throughout the entire race of $45,142, which is a massive pay day for playing consistently throughout one month.

This promotion was eliminated after the Merge Gaming Network decided to stop offering rakeback on any site that fell under their network, and they also decided to crack down on the promotions that were ran by their different sites as well. The reason why the Ronin Rack Race will run again is because they are now able to make up their own promotions and really make their own decisions since they have decided to create the Revolution Gaming Network. That is obviously great news for players as the rake race is officially back on Lock Poker and should be a great one for players. Lock has also stated that they plan on offering rakeback once again to the players once they are fully moved over to the Revolution Gaming Network next month.

Keep an eye on further promotions from Lock Poker in the coming months as well!




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