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  • Lucky Player Wins Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

    Monday, June 15th, 2009 by t2admin

It isn’t often that poker players are rewarded for losing hands but when competing at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables at Carbon Poker, players know that they can win if they lose. Recently one lucky player and eight others sitting at the same table won a jackpot of almost $735,000.

The losing hand that produced the win happened when Ween10 and kdawg1979 both held three of a kind- 7s and Queens after the flop. Betting continued as kdawg1979 earned his fourth Queen on the turn and Ween10 got his fourth 7 on the river. This caused kdawg1979 to win the hand and Ween10 lost. Kdawg1979 earned only $60.92 for the win but it also activated the bad beat jackpot as Ween10 had lost according to the rules.

Ween10 earned $257,089.81 and kdawg1979 earned $128,000 for second place, while the other seven players earned $18,363.55. The jackpot is triggered when a hand of quad 7s or better is beaten. That is the lowest qualifying hand and Ween10 got that hand so it triggered the jackpot.

Jay Manning a spokesman of Carbon Poker stated: “The size of the jackpot was really exciting. Though this jackpot wasn’t as big as our world record $1.2 million Jackpot won in February, when you are talking about this level of payout, it becomes life-changing. You get players literally hoping to lose. One of them finally got their wish.”

Kdawg1979 commented as well stating: “I also wanted to let you know that two or three nights ago I played a free roll, came in third and won five bucks. I got it up to $60 and went to the Bad Beat tables for about two hours and hit it for $128,000. I’ve never made a deposit and I’ve never had so much money before!”




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