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  • Major Prize Pools Created In Full Tilt Sunday Tournaments

    Monday, August 31st, 2009 by t2admin

Each Sunday, Full Tilt Poker players can compete in the guaranteed tournaments. These tournaments offer a relatively low buy-in or players can earn their seats via satellite for an even lower buy-in. most times the tournaments meet the guarantees but sometimes Full Tilt has to fork over money to meet the guarantee. That was not the case this past weekend as the $750k guaranteed and the Sunday Brawl far surpassed their guarantee.

The Sunday Brawl has a buy-in of $240 plus 16 for players to participate in the No Limit Hold’em KO tournament. 2,394 players registered and created a massive prize pool of $478,800. 234 players would earn a pay day with first place taking home almost $100,000!

When it finally came down to heads up play it would be online players PoutsoKefalos and Jims619 competing. It wouldn’t take long before PoutsoKefalos would take the chip lead and make his move on Jims619. It was the right time to go all in and Jims619 called but his cards would not hold up and he would be out in second place leaving PoutsoKefalos with the win.

Final Results:
PoutsoKefalos – $97,651
Jims619 – $63,201
HellaStacks_ – $46,922
white_chocko – $35,431
Javatinii – $24,898
kennl – $16,279
mightyscv – $11,012
blackjustin77 – $7,661
OneUponAStar – $5,746

The $750,000 Guaranteed tournament would see a great turnout as well, with 4,144 players competing. The No Limit Hold’em tournament has a buy-in of $200 plus 16 and the amount of players registered would create a prize pool of $828,800. 585 spots would be paid with first place earning just over $100,000.

Heads up play soon began between ypma and ADCampbell, after the other players were eliminated from the final table. When the final hand was played, ypma would not have the cards needed to take the win and ADCampbell would earn the $104,930 pay day.

Final Results:
ADCampbell – $104,930
ypma – $62,660
mich_alumni – $98,967
clotilda – $72,000 *4-way deal
zsunset – $34,229
kenneoin – $25,361
quivan96 – $19,062
shhhant – $14,918
PatrickJ89 – $11,106




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