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  • Marcin Wydrowski Wins WPT Prague Main Event

    Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour is set to round out the year, but things couldn’t come to a close without finding out who takes down the 2012 World Poker Tour’s Prague Main Event. This event drew in a whole lot of interest, and the first place winner was going to take down $400,000. The winner of this event when all was said and done ended up being a player from Poland by the name of Marcin Wydrowski. The win for Wydrowski brought him home the huge pay day, a World Poker Tour Champions Trophy, and makes him the first player from Poland to have his or her name placed on the WPT Champions Cup also. To this point in his career, Wydrowski had won only $3,538 in live poker tournaments as well.

The final table began with the action tight and Bodo Sbrzesny leading the pack of six players with 4.605 million chips in total. Second place was being held by Tony Chang with 3.61 million and then was Alexandr Lakhov with 2.815, and to round out the final six we had Wydrowski at 2.745 million and Michael Gagliano with 2.375 million chips. The short stack at the table was Alin Grasu who was holding 855,000 chips. As you could guess by the size of the stacks, the first player to go home from the table was our short stack in Grasu, who was sent home when he raised the action up to 75,000 and was called by Chang. The flop came down with a Q-7-7 rainbow, and when Chang checked it led to a 130,000 chip bet by Grasu. Chang then called, a four of hearts came on the turn and Chang check-called the action again after a shove from Grasu. Chang was sitting in a great spot with J-7 of clubs and had simply trapped Grasu and his top pair with A-Qd.

We didn’t get another knockout for another hour, as Chang, Sbrzesny, and Gagliano got into a pre-flop raising battle between the three of them, with Sbrzesny and Gagliano getting it all in. Gagliano was way ahead with pocket Aces against the pocket Queens of Sbrzesny, and in a painful flop for Gagliano, a third Queen came down for Sbrzesny. This sent Gagliano home in 5th place.

If you didn’t think that one took long enough, we waited another two hours for our next elimination. When the flop came down with 6-5-3 all of spades, Chang moved all-in with K-2 of clubs. Lakhov made the call with 5-3h which meant he had two pair and was just needing to dodge the straight. Chang was unable to hit his card, and was sent home in fourth place, setting up three handed action.

The next big move came from our eventual winner who had slowly been building up that chip stack. He was able to double up at this point through Sbrzesny, when he moved all in with pocket Kings and got it in against Sbrzesny’s K-Q. Wydrowski was now holding 8.8 million and it didn’t take long for him to keep that stack building up until he was over 10 million in total. He then knocked out Sbrzesny soon after that though and got his stack up to 12.805 million, which set up our heads up match between Wydrowski and Alexandr Lakhov. Wydrowski had a nice 3 to 1 chip lead, and it didn’t take long for him to take down the championship.

By it not taking long, we mean that it took nine hands before we had the winner crowned. The hand started with Lakhov raising pre-flop, and Wydrowski three betting up to 500k. Lakhov decided to move all-in with 7-6 and was called by pocket 7’s of Wydrowski. The flop came with J-8-5 to give Lakhov a nice straight draw, but it never came, and we had a new winner of the WPT Prague Main Event.

While Wydrowski took home a massive pay day of $423,957, Lakhov still got a nice pay day for second place that was worth $278,866. We are rounding out the 2012 poker calendar here and the final tournaments will have some big pay days and good stories to talk about as well. Congratulations to a player who went from just over $3k in total live tournament winnings to taking home $423k in just ONE tournament.




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