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  • Martin Finger Emerges the Champion at EPT Prague

    Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 by Nadia

The last title of the European Poker Tour for the calendar year 2010 has been announced. Martin Finger beat all of his opponents, including David Boyaciyan, to capture the championship title. The event was hosted at a poker room at the Hilton Prague, Czech Republic

The final table was host to eight contestants. However, critics believed that only two had the potential to win the title – Nicolas Levi and Martin Finger. Levi finished the tournament with the second largest stack. Both Finger and Levi had stacks valued at over 5 million chips – nearly half the chips in play at the table.

The two top rankers, despite their relative superiority, had to face fierce competition from other opponents like Andreas Wiese, Ari Engel and David Boyaciyan.

Initial Rounds at the Final Table

As soon as the game began, the dynamics of the leaderboard began to shift. Finger managed to take a chunk of Guillem Usero’s chips, elevating his stack to over 6 million. Boyaciyan also made a large jump after he raised the stakes to 1, 40,000. Levi called and the flop gave out K-7-10. After this, Boyaciyan continued to bet and Levi retaliated by raising the stakes. Boyaciyan took it a step further by three betting the wager to 8, 60,000. Levi went all in and Boyaciyan followed his lead.

Once the hands were revealed, it became obvious why the betting was so furious in the earlier round. Levi made the lower pair with his 10-7. Boyaciyan’s kings easily trumped his hand. The turn and the river cards did not change the tide and Levi lost 2 million chips and Boyaciyan took the lead.

Finger Surges up the Leaderboard

Shortly after Mads Wissing was knocked out of the tournament by Usero, Finger began playing more aggressively in order to win back his lead. He proceeded to knock out both Wiese and Engel in seventh and sixth places respectively. Martin also eliminated Denys Drobyna in fifth place. David Boyaciyan managed to maintain his lead throughout this duration.

Finger was eventually able to raise his stack to surpass the 10 million chip mark after taking a chunk of Boyaciyan’s chips. Once he accomplished this and eliminated Usero, Martin began to take charge of the tournament as he was the undisputed lead with a stack valued at more than 13 million.

The Last Rounds of the Final Table

When it came down to the final three hand play, the chips clearly favored Finger, who held almost double the number of chips that his opponents held, combined. Martin knocked Levi out of the tournament in third place. This was possible only because Levi was unable to recover from Boyaciyan’s attack earlier in the game. Finger’s hand was A-J versus Levi’s 8-6. When the flop gave out 8c-4c-3c, it looked like Levi would win the showdown. However, the turn card was an ace and the river card was a jack. This firmly placed Finger in the lead.

Finger Wins the Title

Despite Finger’s clear lead, Boyaciyan was almost able to match his stack. Unfortunately for David, Finger didn’t lose his lead and at the end of the game, the players decided to go all in and participate in a traditional race. Finger’s cards were A-K and Boyaciyan held two 10s. The winner was decided once the flop revealed K-K-6 and the turn and river cards were 10s.




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