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  • Martin Finger Takes Down 2013 EPT £50,000 Super High Roller Event

    Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 by Ryan

The 2013 poker tournament schedule has been very interesting to this point, and we’ve seen some of the biggest names out there having big years to this point, and while the European Poker Tour’s London Main Event got underway, many people were still focused in on the Season 10 European Poker Tour’s £50,000 Super High Roller event. This event was nearing its end and the final table had a few big named players and some great action going on. When the final table began, it was Germany’s Martin Finger who was sitting at the top of the leaderboard, and he actually had more chips by himself than the next two players combined did. It was looking good for Finger, and while he was the favorite to take it down and win the event, he was able to do just that in impressive fashion and take home the pay day of £821,000.

It looked like it was poised to be all Finger from the word go, as he was holding 4.740 million chips, and sitting behind him was Johannes Strassman with 2.215 million chips, and then Bill Perkins with 2.005 million chips. After that we saw no one with anymore than 1.315 million chips. There were big names sitting there looking up at Finger though, so he definitely had some players he was going to have to beat out that weren’t going to go down easily, and this included the short stack to start the final table in Patrik Antonius, who is known as one of the top players out there, but was sitting with only 745,000 chips.

Antonius couldn’t get hot though, and he was the first player who was sent to the rail, and it took only three hands for his stack to fall below 200,000 chips. This meant that on the fourth hand he decided to stick his chips into the middle, and he did so with A-5 of spades, and he was sitting pretty against the A-5 off suit of Timothy Adams. Unfortunately for Antonius, it just wasn’t his day and he took a bad beat when Adams hit four diamonds to send Antonius home in eighth place. From there, it took a good while for us to see another elimination, just around an hour or so.

The next player who was going home is a player in David Benefield, who is also getting ready to play in the November Nine of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event. He was sent home in 7th place here against Tobias Reinkemeier. Right around an hour after that it was Adams who ended up being on the unlucky side of a hand, when he saw his pocket 7’s come up short against the pocket 6’s of Perkins, when Perkins hit a 6 on the river that sent Adams home in sixth place. This left us with five players looking to make a move and set themselves up for the final push.

This time though, it was Perkins who ended up losing a huge hand, and it was just minutes after he had knocked out Adams. Strassman shoved all-in pre-flop in this situation for 650,000 chips with J-9, and Finger called with pocket Queens. Perkins chose to get in on the action from there and chose a bad time to shove over the top of the two with his A-J, and Finger called the shove there also. It was a three-way all-in that left Finger feeling very good about his hand. The flop did come with an Ace, but it also had a Queen, giving Finger a set. Finger got the double knockout and the pot, and was sitting pretty with three players left in the action.

Interestingly, there were three German players left in the action fighting for the championship, but it took less than an hour for Finger to knock out the third place player in Christoph Vogelsang. This meant that we had a heads up final between Finger and Reinkemeier. Finger had close to a 2 to 1 chip lead, his opponent kept grinding though, and Reinkemeier was fighting for two hours, but never got very close to the chip lead. When all was said and done it was a pre-flop re-raising battle between the two that left Reinkemeier all-in with his pocket 8’s against the pocket Jacks of Finger. The Jacks held, and this meant that we had our winner in Martin Finger, and Tobias Reinkemeier went home with second place money worth £593,900.




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