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    Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 by Ryan

Whenever a new casino or poker room opens up, it’s likely to draw a whole bunch of attention, but that especially stands true when you look at casinos that are opening up in new locations where there aren’t a whole lot of options for the gamblers. The most recent poker room to open up is the Maryland Live! Casino, and their poker room opened up last Wednesday, and the players were incredibly excited about it. There were actually players who were lined up for hours in advance to the opening, just because they wanted to be the first to play in the new poker room. The room itself is very big, and should draw in consistent games throughout the week.

The poker room features 52 tables, and in total it cost around $20 million to build. There are going to be many different features and amenities to players that will definitely be exciting, and a few of those include things like phone charging ports in the table legs, and also safe deposit boxes and roving masseuses just to name a few. As you can tell, this casino has taken it to another level in terms of catering to the players and giving them a top notch experience. The game options are also big, and should draw in some high stakes players as well as the low stakes grinders.

When the room was actually getting set to open, hundreds of players were waiting in line. The kickoff time for the new poker room was noon of the day, and within an hour after that there was over one thousand players who were waiting to play in the games. It’s safe to bet that a good chunk of those players were there to check it all out and just say that they played at the new poker room when it opened up, and we don’t really expect to see crowds that big on a consistent basis.

The casino itself is located in Hanover, Maryland, and is just a few minutes south of Baltimore. It’s also very close to Washington, D.C., and before this casino was opened up, players had to make a pretty good hike in order to find the closest casino or poker room, with the closest being Delaware Park, or Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Virginia. Players now obviously don’t have to head very far in order to get in on the live poker action whenever they want to.

As far as what games you can find at the new poker room, you’ll see different Fixed Limit Hold’em options such as $4/$8, $8/$16, and $15/$30, as well as No Limit Hold’em games ranging from $1/$2, to $2/$5, to $5/$10, and up to $10/$25. There are also Omaha games offered as well, which include Pot Limit Omaha at stakes of $2/$2 and $5/$5, and Fixed Limit Omaha 8 or Better at $4/$8 (1/2 Kill), and $8/$16. There is also the option for players to get in on mixed games or play higher limits if they are requested by players.

Tournament action will also be popular at the Maryland Live! Poker Room, and they are going to feature a satellite into the Players Poker Championship (PPC) Aruba, and you can take your shot at getting a seat each Sunday at 7:00pm EST. The buy-in for this satellite is $520, and it means that for every 10 entries that get into the satellite, one $5,000 PPC Aruba prize package. This package is going to give players the buy-in of $2,500 for the Main Event, and another $550 buy-in for a tournament, as well as $360 in flight credit, and six nights of accommodations. There are also going to be smaller prize packages given out for the excess prize pool. You can win a qualifier into the satellite as well each day at the casino. There are going to be other tournaments offered as well, ranging from $120 to $330, including bounty tournaments and mega stack turbo events.

The casino has been touted as one of the stronger options for players out there today, and that alone should help build even more traffic into the casino. We are interested to see what they offer in terms of big poker tournaments over the next few years here as well!




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