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  • Giannetti Beats Pescaglini for First WPT Malta Title

    Monday, September 26th, 2011 by Nadia

At the main event of the World Poker Tour Malta tournament held over the weekend, Matt Giannetti bagged the top place. In the recent past, the young player has seen quite a few successes at live events, one of which was making the final table at the World Series of Poker main event. The final table – unofficial – of the WPT Malta main event had eight players at the beginning of the day. With two eliminations underway, the table was reduced to six players, and the official table began. The first player to leave the table, Mats Karlson, played for 90 minutes. Christofer Williamson was the next to get eliminated. He held on in the unofficial game for about an hour. Following this, the official game started.

The final table featured a seat draw with Cecilia Pescaglini in seat one with 2,245,000 chips. Filipino Bianchini and Fabien Sartoris were in seat 3 and 4 with 347,000 and 264,000 in chips. Matt Giannetti occupied the fourth seat and had 1,930,000 chips. Seats 5 and 6 held Simon Trumper and Tristan Clemencon with 560,000 and 1,840,000 respectively.

Official Final Table

The beginning of the official game saw three players being sent out of the game in less than twenty hands. The first player to leave the game was Fabien Sartoris who held Kd 9s on the button. He was bested by Simon Trumper’s pocket fives. On the final board was an 8h Js 4d 8d Qd, which sent Sartoris out of the event. The next player to leave the game was Tristan Clemencon.

With 15,000/30,000/5,000 blinds, the player started on the button, in the 11th hand. He opened with 65,000 and cold-called the small blind. However, Cecilia Pescaglini pushed that up to 230,000 in the big blind position. Trumper folded and cut loss his losses, while Clemencon stayed on. He then went all-in, which led to Pescaglini calling and turning over her Ah Kh. Clemencon flipped his Ks Kd which was the winner on a board with Jd 10d 8c 3s. However, when the river brought an Ac, the odds turned in favor of Pescaglini. She then went on to lead the table in chip count.

Six hands down the line, Trumper had 480,000 in chip. He open-shoved his sevens – a move that Pescaglini called. She had an Ac 8c, which were no match for Trumper’s cards on a board with 9s 6c 5 h. However an Ah on the turn saw Pescaglini gathering her opponent’s chips. The Main Event table was then reduced to three players.

Giannetti vs. Pescaglini

With three eliminations in the first few hands, players and fans thought that the game would come to an end in just a few rounds. However, the next elimination took six hours. The heads-up play went on for ten hands and favored Giannetti. The last round saw a flop with 10c 8h 2c, which was raised and called by Pescaglini and Giannetti. Pescaglini, with Qs 10d and Giannetti with 9c 7d, went on to the turn which brought a Js and the river, a 2s. This brought Giannetti his first title in the WPT and cost Pescaglini her first title and the position as the first female winner of a WPT title.




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