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  • Matt Matros Takes Down Third Gold Bracelet

    Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 by Ryan

We are now through a good number of World Series of Poker gold bracelet events, and we have officially crowned quite a few gold bracelet winners. One specific event that just came to an end was Event #16, which was the $1500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em event. The final table kicked off yesterday and there were definitely some well-known players who rounded out the final two tables including the likes of Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, and Matt Glantz at one table, and Matt Matros and Mark Radoja who won a gold bracelet in 2010 at the other table. Matros and Radoja were at the five handed table, while Glantz and Matusow were at the four handed table. To kick off the action for the day we had Robert Muzzatti leading the way with 1.445 million chips.

It took around two hours for the field to begin to narrow down as Glantz knocked out Jonathan Currie in ninth place, but Muzzatti and Mark Darner were pretty active in the early part of play as they were the two deep stacks and were looking to build up their stacks and push around the table a bit. Matusow took a tough beat when his pocket Queens were unable to hold up against the A-K of Ramey Shaio, and was then sent home in eighth place as he shoved all-in with A-10 and was up against the pocket Kings of Muzzatti. This left the field only one elimination away from their final table, and Shaio handled that final elimination as well.

When the players had came together for the unofficial final table with seven players, Glantz pushed his chips into the middle and was called down by Shaio. Shaio turned over pocket Queens while Glantz showed A-K, and a Queen on the flop all but did it for Shaio and sent Glantz to the rail in seventh place to set up our final table with six players left to go.

There wasn’t much action for the first hour or so at the final table, but things then picked up rapidly with Matros picking up the lead after a big hand against Shaio. Radoja took over the chip lead before the end of the level though, and then Matros knocked off Darner in sixth place, followed up by another knockout on the next hand of Muzzatti. This left us down to the home stretch, and with Matros holding around half of the chips on the table.

He never looked back from there, and after Radoja knocked out Shaio in third place, Matros’ lead was only 100k in chips. Radoja made a huge push and started dominating right away, building his stack all the way up to a 2.5 to 1 chip lead before Matros turned it around and got it going himself. It took about two hours of heads up play before Matros could get back to even, but the players were officially almost even.

Radoja started working his way up again, and then we had a massive hand. Radoja min-raised and was called by Matros, which led to a 10-2-6 rainbow board, and a check call from Matros of 100k. The turn was a five and Matros checked, followed up by a 250k chip bet from Radoja. Matros raised it up 625k and Radoja called. The river was a seven and Matros bet out 725k, and Radoja called. Matros turned over 10-5 for two pair and won the huge pot. It took just fifteen more minutes before Matros took it down and not only won his third gold bracelet in three yeras, but also won $454,835 in prize money as well.




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