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  • Matthew Lapossie Wins WPT Fallsview Poker Classic Main Event

    Thursday, February 27th, 2014 by Ryan

Another large pay day was set to be paid out in another big poker tournament, and this most recent one was a World Poker Tour event for the Fallsview Classic Main Event. The final table started out for this event earlier this week, and our eventual champion came into the final table right in the middle of the pack, and he had some work to do. This was Matthew Lapossie, and when the final day of action started, he had 1,171,000 chips, and first place was Jason James who was holding 2,606,000 chips, which was good for a full million more than the next closest player. For Lapossie, it took a huge hand early on, and then some strong player after that for him to take down the title.

To start out the action we had James at the top, then Ben Graham in second with 1,556,000 chips, third was Spiro Mikrogianakis with 1,455,000, fourth was Peter Labib with 1,238,000 chips, fifth was Josue Sauvageau with 1,234,000 chips, sixth was held by Lapossie, and to round out the final ten we saw Dylan Wilkerson with 982,000 in seventh, Howie Leung with 657,000 chips, and John Boulougouris and Xiaohu Chen as short stacks with 255k and 237k in chips respectively.

So from the list of the final ten, you can tell that pretty much all of the players had work to do to catch James. Not surprisingly, our first two players sent home were the short stacks in Boulougouris and Chen. Lapossie then made a movie after Labib raised pre-flop to 70k and he called the raise. The flop came down 6h-3s-7h, and Lapossie check-raised from 120k to 285k, and Labib called the raise. The turn came with an 8h, and this time Lapossie bet out 285k, and Labib moved all-in for 700k. Lapossie made an immediate call, and while Labib turned over the nut flush with A-3 of hearts, he saw the terrible news as his opponent showed 10-9 of hearts for a straight flush, and it sent Labib home in eighth place.

This left Lapossie with 2.61 million chips and close to first place. Lapossie did drop from there though, as he doubled up Wilkerson to drop to 900k in chips, and then we Dave Graham got knockedo ut in seventh place, Lapossie doubled up on the first hand of six-handed play, and then doubled Wilkerson up again to drop all the way down to almost being out, with just 300k in chips. In an amazing turn from that point though, he battled back with two double-ups in three hands to get over a million chips. Lapossie slowed down from there and just built up over time.

There was a three way all in though before long where Lapossie actually tripled up and grabbed the chip lead. Wilkerson moved all-in pre-flop with Q-10, and Lapossie called with A-K, then Mikrogianakis called with pocket sixes. Lapossie hit a King on the river though, and that was a wrap, giving him a beautiful 4.2 million chips, and setting him up nicely for the remainder of the event. Things went well in three handed play for our chip leader, as he knocked out the original chip leader in Jason James in third place, and then was heads up with the player who he had doubled up a few times earlier in Wilkerson.

Lapossie had a big chip lead of 8.1 million to 3.18 million, and the event ended before long when Wilkerson moved all-in for just over 2 million chips with pocket fours. Lapossie called with A-5 and the flop came with an Ace, which held up and gave him the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic Main Event title, and the first place pay day of $342,266. For second place Wilkerson took home $228,806. It’s a nice pay day for both players, and another nice payout for a World Poker Tour event that gets us prepared for a big time spring and summer of poker tournaments and poker series’. We’ll keep you updated on any additional tournaments that get wrapped up, or any news that comes along with the many big pay days that we’ll see paid out over the next few months!




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