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    Thursday, September 6th, 2012 by Ryan

In a bit of shocking news that was recently released, the CEO of the popular Merge Gaming Network has decided to step down. Anthony Taylor was the CEO of the company which had become very popular within the past few years. There haven’t been any specific reasons released for why Taylor decided to step down, and the Network itself hasn’t released any information through a press release on the topic either. Taylor had been a part of the Merge Gaming Network since back in the early part of 2007, but had been in the gaming industry for a long while leading up to that.

If you check out Taylor’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll see that he spent the bulk of his career through different gaming connected jobs, such as selling advertising and developing bookmaker relationships for the Racing Post for a five year span that ran from 1999 to 2004. After this job he moved on to work for the company Wagerworks as the poker manager, and then co-founded his own newspaper in the United Kingdom, which was called The Sportsman in 2005. His next career move came just over a year after that in 2006 when he worked for the British Sky Broadcasting Group as the Poker Consultant, and also helped to be a part of the launch of the company SkyPoker.com. He’s been with Merge from this point on.

One key reason why Merge Gaming Network is so popular and why they’ve gotten such a following is because they remain as one of the only online poker networks in the game today that allows action from United States players. Currently, they are the 12th largest online poker site/network in terms of cash games, as they average 930 players over a seven day span. They also offer a very wide range of tournaments that feature strong guarantees, which is something that many United States players miss from the other sites that allow US players.

Things haven’t been great over the past year for the Merge Gaming Network, or at least nearly as good as they were in the year or two prior to that. After they originally decided to stop accepting United States players after Black Friday due to the fact that they could not process payments fast enough in order to keep up with the growth of the site after the biggest names in the industry in PokerStarts, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute all had to stop accepting US players. It was good at first, but since they couldn’t get payments out fast enough, they had to turn away a ton of customers.

Another key hit that the network took was the fact that one of their biggest sites in Lock Poker bought the Cake Poker Network, and then left Merge to create their own network called Revolution Gaming. To break down how well this move went for Lock, you can look at the fact that they are actually a spot ahead of Merge in the rankings for cash game players over a seven day span.




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