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  • Mickey Petersen Takes Down EPT Copenhagen Main Event

    Monday, February 27th, 2012 by Ryan

The European Poker Tour’s (EPT) Copenhagen Main Event may be getting a bit overshadowed currently by the World Poker Tour Los Angeles Poker Classic, but there was definitely a huge pay day for one player to have, and some excellent poker that was played at this event as well. When all was said and done at this event, it was actually one of the youngest players in the event who outdid the rest of the field and took home the championship. This player was 22 year old Mickey Petersen, and he was up against a player who was one of the older players in the event for the championship in Pierre Neuville. Neuville has an interesting story behind him, as he has qualified for 23 straight European Poker Tour events online, and got a nice pay out for second place here.

Petersen got to take home a pay out worth $444,595 for his efforts, and Neuville got $282,843 for finishing in second place. While much of the chatter before this heads up match was about Neuville, and Petersen won; Neuville still finds himself in fourth place on the all-time European Poker Tour leaderboard for total points.

When the action started for the heads up match between these two, it was really anyone’s game because as both players were incredibly close in terms of the size of their chip stacks. Petersen eliminated the third place player Bjarke Hansen, so he had a slight chip lead over Neuville to start the action. In total, he was sitting with 4.7 million chips, while his opponent was holding 4.27 million chips. Even more incredible about this match though, was the fact that Petersen was offered the option to make a deal from Neuville but wouldn’t even hear it! This is incredible for the fact that he was up against one of the more respected players on the European Poker Tour as well.

The two went back and forth in their match, and Neuville started it off by taking a lead, which simply didn’t last as Petersen jumped back all over it. For hours and hours on end the two sides went back and forth in what was one of the most interesting heads up matches in recent memory. Neuville gained about double the chip stack of Petersen at one point though, and it looked like he was poised to knock out the finishing touches. It wasn’t meant to be though, as Petersen worked his way all the way back, and picked up a 2 to 1 edge in chip stack himself. Neuville fought back again, but it was just after that dinner break that Petersen took over and got the job done within a few hands. He held a 7 million to 1.9 million lead, and that was essentially it for Neuville who got one double up, but was then sent home.

Neuville shoved A-4 pre-flop, but was called by the A-5 of Petersen and was completely out of luck. It was looking like there was going to be a split pot potentially, but after a 6-K-J flop, the turn and river both hurt Neuville, as the turn was a 3 and the river was a 5 to pair Petersen and give him the big win. The win for Petersen was his first ever on the live poker tournament circuit, but he also has three cashes from last year’s World Series of Poker as well.




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