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  • Mike Linster Takes Down World Poker Tour bestbet Open Main Event

    Friday, May 3rd, 2013 by Ryan

Our 2013 poker year in terms of tournaments just keeps on rolling along, and while it’s all getting set to lead up to a summer that is full of different events, we are going to take a look at a few other tournaments that are rounding out currently. One event that definitely caught our attention was the 2013 World Poker Tour bestbet Open Main Event, which featured some great play and strong players as well. It may not have had a final table that was filled with big named players and a ridiculous amount of tournament winnings throughout their careers, but we still had some great play all around. Interestingly though, this final table didn’t take long to get narrowed down, as it began with six players, and we saw four of the six starting players get sent packing within only 68 hands.

While that first part of the WPT bestbet Open Main Event was incredibly quick to see players get sent home, the heads up match ended up taking over 100 hands more on top of that. When the action started off at the final table, it was something that we typically don’t see happen, as the three short stacks were all the first three players that were sent home. It didn’t happen in the order that they were sitting in though, it actually happened in reverse order, as David Diaz was actually the chip leader to start Day 3, but lost a good chunk of chips going into the final table. He pushed all-in on the eighth hand of the action with Q-10, and was called by the current chip leader in Danny Schechter who had pocket Kings.

After that we saw David Bell raise pre-flop, then Pete Tinnesz re-raise to 225,000. Bell called, and when the flop came out with 8-6-5, Tinnesz checked, Bell bet 450,000, and Tinnesz then shoved all-in. Bell showed 8-6 after a call which left him with two pair, while Tinnesz had only Ace high with A-Q. The two pair held, as Tinnesz definitely needed help that he was unable to get.

The action kept rolling along with Schechter raising on hand 53 to 105,000, and Linster re-raising the action to 255,000. Pete Chwala then shoved all-in for 510,000, and after a fold from Schechter, Linster called and turned over A-Q. Chwala was behind to start with K-J, and he couldn’t improve from there, meaning that Linster took down the pot and sent Chwala home in fourth place. The next elimination came soon after that, 15 hands to be exact, and it happened when Bell and Schechter went back and forth raising pre-flop until Bell found himself all-in. Schechter called right away showing pocket Kings, and Bell turned over pocket Aces. Schechter couldn’t hit a King or hit any cards that would get him the pot, so he was sent packing in third place.

When heads up play started, it was a solid chip lead of 6.245 million to 4.300 million that Bell held over Mike Linster. Nothing happened for the first few hands, but soon after that Bell was able to take a huge lead of 9.540 million to 1.005 million, and it looked like that was pretty much it. Linster wanted none of that talk though, as he just continued to build up his chip stack slowly and hit a huge double up to grab the chip lead away from his opponent.

The two just continued to go back and forth and neither player was able to grab a huge lead at any point. Linster was able to hold the chip lead for a good amount of hte time though, but couldn’t make that extra step ahead. It may have taken a long time, but eventually on Hand 180, it all came to an end. Bell raised the action to 400,000 chips, Linster three bet to 1 million, and then Bell moved all-in. Linster made the call, and turned over A-Q. He was ahead of the 8-6 suited of Bell, and neither player was able to get any help, giving the win to Linster.

The first place pay day to Linster was a very nice $321,521, while David Bell took home $175,512 for finishing in second place.




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