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  • Mohegan Sun and Bally Technologies Come Together to Offer Free Online Poker

    Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 by Ryan

Free online poker has become a popular option for many online poker players out there today. The key reason for this is mainly because countries such as the United States are not allowed to play online poker for money because of their rules and regulations. Currently, Nevada is in the midst of becoming the first state to offer intra-state online poker to their players. A casino operation on the East Coast is currently getting ready to jump into the free online poker world currently though, as they have officially signed a deal with a company in Nevada that is going to help them get it going.

The news that came out about this is that the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, who are the ones that own the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, as well as the Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs in Pennsylvania are inking a deal with Bally Technologies. Bally Technologies is based out of Las Vegas currently and they are going to be offering players the option to play online poker for free. Interestingly, this is going to be the first time that the East Coast has jumped into the internet poker game since the boom happened many years ago. The start date for the new free online poker option for players is targeted to be in early 2013, but there are a few key questions coming up around one.

One of the biggest questions that is going to be asked about this new free online poker option is whether or not it is only going to be for players based in Connecticut, or if it will be offered to any player in the country. Obviously only offering it to players in the state of Connecticut would severely cut down on the number of potential players for the site, but it would be more about whether or not they would be allowed to offer the gaming to the other players in the different states throughout the country.

Apparently Bally wasn’t a runaway winner from the word go though to be the gaming provider that worked along side with the Mohegan Tribe though. The higher-up’s at Mohegan Tribe spent nearly six months going through quite a few different online gaming providers before deciding to go with Bally, as they felt that they could offer the ability to work with the many different areas that they wanted to. Not only can the Mohegan Tribe offer the online poker option with Bally’s, but they can also offer players the option to play on their mobile devices as well, and potentially expand into casino games down the road also. On top of the casino games, it could turn into something much, much bigger that would include video slots, and possibly even sports betting if the Connecticut gaming laws ended up allowing it.

Things got very interesting after the United States Department of Justice stated back in December of 2011 that the Wire Act of 1961, which originally was thought to have related to online poker and online casino play, actually only applied to sports betting. This led the Governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy to state just a month later that internet gaming is “coming to Connecticut. Period. It’s coming.” He didn’t want to get left behind and while some people had negative thoughts about him potentially bringing online poker to Connecticut, he made sure that everyone understood that the rest of the United States would be moving forward with it before long because “the internet is the internet.”

Currently, the state of Delaware has jumped into the online gaming deal with the potential that they will be offering casino gaming, but they haven’t announced operators that are going to be running it along with them. This means that the Mohegan Tribe is the first East Casino casino operation to get into gaming in this way, after New Jersey is still in the middle of working it out, and a few other states have decided against jumping into internet gaming.

The Mohegan Tribe is focused on more than just online gambling though as well, since they have decided to look into being the first to offer legalized cash games as well. The Mohegan Sun in Connecticut is struggling with revenue currently, and being able to jump into the real money games would be huge for the company and their potential success down the road.




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